Jan. 7th, 2012

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I made four delicious meals this week. I will share with you my recipes! Of course, my recipes are like rules for pirates - they're more like guidelines. I do know how to measure things (in theory) but I rarely do, and most of the things I cook are put together in my head as I'm grocery shopping. So, don't expect list-like recipes here!

First was a late-night salad after a day at the movies (meaning we had popcorn and candy and stuff in the theatre so were not that hungry). I do like to eat salads, since I definitely like vegetables, but there are definitely certain things that must be true about my salads. Usually in a restaurant I will choose the caesar salad rather than the house salad because the LAST thing I want is chopped up iceberg with a few wilted carrots/cucumbers/tomatoes thrown on top and then doused in dressing. My salads are fancier - hey, I told you I was stuck up! This even applies to salads!

Next day was veal scallopine, then beef in curry sauce (sort of) and then seared tuna with fresh salsa.

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