Feb. 20th, 2012

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So Tuesday was Valentine's Day, something I don't really celebrate but I gave my boyfriend a present anyway but see, I had ulterior motives here. First, he gave me a New Year's present and I didn't give him anything, because we had said "no presents" ahead of time. Actually, I don't think I've ever gotten him a present for a specific occasion. I've given him stuff, but not on a predetermined date. Except for I threw him a birthday party at my house one time, maybe that counts? But also, see, I have this really cool hat, it's knit and fleece-lined with a pompom on top and a Phillies liberty bell on the front, and he always takes it and wears it so... I got him the same kind of hat, but it's got an Eagles logo on the front so it's green and white, not red white and blue, but it's knit and fleece lined and has a pompom on it. It was kind of supposed to be silly, like haha, I got you something and I know you didn't get me anything, stop taking my hat! He liked it - he definitely likes it cause he's been wearing it (and I forgot to mention - he HAS a knit green Eagles hat already, but it is not fleece lined and doesn't have a pompom, so obviously he keeps taking mine cause he likes the kind I have better) but he was kind of confused as to why I have a problem with him taking mine. Like he wanted to know if I was ACTUALLY upset that he was wearing mine or what. Actually, I was more annoyed that I asked him to stop wearing my hat and he kept doing it. If he had asked first I prob would have been like, sure, if you like it so much, wear it whenever you want.

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What else? Bevan is trying to go snowboarding even though we're having this freakishly warm winter. He asked me if I would come to Bear Creek with him, I think knowing there was no way I'd want to come, and of course I said no way. I don't really understand how he's gonna snowboard without snow - I mean I know they make snow on the mountain, but it's warm out, won't it just melt? Anyway, while he's snowboarding I think I will go finally visit my sister. She has invited me to see her place and meet her fiancé on several different occasions, and it hasnt really been possible until recently. I do want to see her place, and I definitely want to meet this guy she is going to marry! So I might do that this weekend. And that is pretty much all I have to say for now.


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