Feb. 28th, 2012

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"What is not delicious with either chocolate OR cheese on it?"

The only answer I ever came up with was Chinese take-out :)

Also, I was recently asked what I want to be when I grow up. It was not asked tongue-in-cheek by someone my own age, or a fellow student, or anything reasonable like that. No, this was by someone about 15+ years older than I am who I had just introduced myself to. "So, Lara, what do you want to do when you grow up?" I was really taken aback by that one, I mean... I am 28 years old. I am already grown up. I may not have a career or a professional job or anything like that, but I am still a grown up, aren't I? And I don't think I look like a teenager or a young 20-ish college student.

How about when people ask me if I speak English? That's always such a strange question. I always wonder what I did to make people assume I don't. My boyfriend says its because when people talk to me I'm so in lala land that I just give this blank uncomprehending stare and they interpret that as me not understanding them. I've acknowledged that that is at least a possibility :)

There is also a category of questions that begin with "why don't you just" that can get pretty outrageous. "Why don't you just [blank]" to me implies that whatever [blank] is is the obvious and simple solution to a problem. For example, why don't you just buy a house? Or, on a different note... "why don't you just go to the emergency room" or "why don't you just take a tylenol?" Also, how about "why don't you just get a job as a cashier?" "secretary?" "teacher's aide?" "avon lady?" "etc?" Or wait wait... "why don't you sell your paintings at a flea market for fifty bucks?" Or, this one is fantastic, "why don't you just live on disability?"

But the chocolate and cheese one was definitely the strangest.


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