Mar. 7th, 2012

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I'm on my spring break right now, and it's turning out to be the boringest/miserable-est spring break I've ever had. Especially compared to last year, when Bevan came all the way from China to visit with me! It's mostly boring because Bevan's break doesn't match with mine, so I'm kind of just home by myself, but also, I am kind of sick. I had a fever and was coughing my lungs out yesterday, today I feel much better but I still feel like I'd be infecting anyone I came in contact with. So, so much for doing much socially while I'm on break.

Also, yesterday I fell off my couch and landed kind of on my side - it really hurt. Like, it REALLY hurt. Today I don't have therapy, but I went to see my physical therapist anyway (instead of going to like, the ER or something) and explained how I fell and how I landed - she kind of freaked out and tried to tell me I probably broke my collar bone or something. I... am pretty sure I didn't break any bones. It doesn't feel like I did, anyway. I'm just worried about jarring newly-healed tendons and stuff. She made me go through a bunch of ROM stuff though, and said if I hurt my tendons or muscles or anything, I'd know because either I wouldn't be able to move, or it would be extremely painful to move. Ummm, wouldn't that be true about a broken bone, too, though? Anyway, tomorrow, I'm going to the hospital for an Xray and an MRI - she got a doctor on the premises to write me a prescription for that, I guess, so I could make an appointment at the hospital rather than just going to the ER. It's not an emergency... but it really does hurt! There is a huge bruise, it is very swollen, but like, I can see my collar bone and it's not crooked or sticking out weird and I can even press on it without it feeling more painful - so again, I don't know why she is so sure I broke something.

If I seem nonchalant about this, well... this just feels like ONE MORE thing on top of SO MANY I don't even know how to react. I mean it's to the point of being absurd, and I don't even want to talk about it anymore. Moving on.

As promised, here is my movie script )

And yeah, this is pretty much entirely true, nothing was really added or anything. I just thought it would make a nice little pointless five-minute film.


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