Apr. 6th, 2012

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8. Write about the first moment that comes to your head when you read the words “childhood memory”

My younger sister and I are a little less than two years apart. She is bigger than I am now, but growing up even though we were close in age she was always this tiny, skinny little thing and I had a whole lot more substance. So it was entirely possible for me to physically overpower her. I don't really have any memories of actually doing so, just of knowing that it was possible.

One day we were playing around on the floor and I was laying down on my back with my knees bent, and she would sit on the top of my knees and then slide down onto my feet as if I was a slide. Then she slid down the other direction landing on my stomach, thinking she would squish me and I wouldn't be able to get up, because of course if I sat on HER stomach SHE would be stuck. I bragged a little about how she was too small to squash me and just rolled over and tossed her off. Then she sat on my HEAD, and I really WAS stuck! As much as I struggled, there she was on my head and I couldn't get her off! It was a very distressing experience. We were just playing around, but damn was I scared!

I remember all kinds of things from when I was a kid, but my most vivid and significant memories are from when I was sort of between being a kid and a teenager, 11-13 I think, and I'm not sure those count as childhood memories. The one I just told, though, I couldn't have been more then five years old, so that was definitely my childhood and yes, it really is the first one I could come up with.


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