Apr. 13th, 2012

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Me and Bevan went on a date on Easter.

When we first started seeing each other we really didn't go on dates - we went to each other's houses and watched TV or movies and picked up take out and ate in the car and went to bars and had some beer and watched sports, and sometimes went to strip clubs to watch the dancers and feel naughty talking dirty to each other between tossing dollars on the stage.

After I had surgery we kind of did start going on dates, sort of. Since I wasn't going to work or school or anything, leaving the house was kind of a big deal, so we went out for coffee or to the diner or the mall or maybe the movies or a restaurant and those were like dates, even tho I felt like shit. These days we do things like meet for lunch during the school day in Philadelphia (he goes to school in Camden, but it's very easy to get back over to Philadelphia by public transportation and that does feel a little bit like a date, since we tell each other about our days and stuff and kiss and hold hands and whatever, but mostly what we usually do is set aside a block of time when we can, and maybe I will cook us something and we'll eat, and then just cuddle up on the couch together and catch up on TV shows and stuff. It's nice to just be close to each other sometimes.

On Easter tho, Bevan did not have to work because his restaurant was closed, so I figured I'd stay in my PJs and we'd get take out and lay on the couch and stuff, or maybe we'd go outside for a walk and go get some coffee or whatever, or both of those things even. Or maybe a movie. But he was kind of pesting me to actually get dressed, and when I was like, WHY, it's a holiday, we're not going anywhere, why bother, he was like, oh, well, actually, we are going somewhere, so pick out something nice to wear. And I was like... where are we going? The movies? I can wear my PJs to the theatre, no one will care. And he was like, no, not to the movies, you need to get dressed. And I was like... a fancy restaurant? On EASTER? You're nuts, it will be busy and crowded and horrible! And he was like, no, not a restaurant, but, we are getting on a train, so you have a time limit here. Pick out something to wear. And I was like... wait what? Are we going to... a show? Or a museum? Or... and he was like, none of the above, you will like it though.

So I got a surprise date! )

And... I feel like we are becoming one of those super-sappy couples everyone else rolls their eyes at. I don't know. We have always been really clingy with each other - it always used to sort of make me uncomfortable how I was so so drawn to him because whenever we were with each other I would just feel... better, and it felt like... it wasn't a good idea to rely on someone else like that and I should just get used to being by myself but... it has turned out to be kind of nice.


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