Jun. 2nd, 2012

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For the record, I generally don't make salsa anyway, due to disliking the tediousness of so much chopping and not being much of a fan of raw onions. But cilantro kinda screams "salsa!" at me, so.

I had fresh cilantro because mine bolted - do you know what bolted means? I didn't, I had to look it up. Try googling "what is growing on top of my cilantro?" :) There is a small bed next to my back porch and we planted some food things in it - some cherry tomatoes and some herbs and stuff, and some stray flower bulbs that came in a pack and didn't fit in the garden in the front. One thing was cilantro, which grew really tall really quickly and then suddenly made flowers! Google says that means it's time to eat it! So today I made red-and-green curry with it.

The basic curry recipe I adhere to is a thai green curry (Bevan also makes curry frequently but his is something ENTIRELY different) with green curry paste, coconut milk, fish sauce, lime juice, thai basil, a hot pepper, and a vegetable and a protein. I love to swap any and all of these ingredients out for other more convenient things to the point where it might be more accurately called "food made with curry paste" than actual thai green curry. This time I used lemon instead of lime juice (cause I had no limes) and fresh cilantro instead of basil (so already I've entirely changed the taste) and crushed red pepper flakes instead of a fresh hot pepper (cause I don't have any) and my vegetables were vine tomatoes and arugula. My protein was soybean and seaweed salad with sesame seeds. It turned red because of the tomatoes, but it's not actual red curry so, it's red-and-green curry and VERY tasty!


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