Jun. 25th, 2012

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Already established facts:

1. I enjoy cooking and I am good at it and the people I live with love it

2. I do not eat dairy because it upsets my stomach

3. I am a caffeine fiend and my coffee machine is broken

4. I don't eat candy very often because I WEIGH TOO MUCH

With these things in mind:

1. I spend too much on fancy ingredients at the supermarket

2. My diet is seriously lacking in calcium, vitamin D, and protein

3. I've been experimenting with alternate energy beverages

4. I'm trying not to eat too many calories, cause that's really what weight loss/gain boils down to.

So here's my "Food And Drink With Lara" table of contents for today:

Things I Eat In My Garden, or, Everything I Know About Growing Food I Learned From Google )

Starbucks Lunchbox Vs. Lara's Lunchbox, or, Convenience Isn't Really More Expensive Even Though I Paid Five Bucks And Only Got Half An Apple )

I Drink The Life Fluid Of Baby Coconuts, or, Beverage Addictions Are Expensive Unless You Brew Them At Home )

I Accidentally Ate Something Blue And It Made Me Sick, or, Trust Your Instincts Even When They Don't Make Sense )

My finals are on Thursday and my next summer session starts after the holiday. I am going to try my DAMNDEST to enjoy this summer - I have only my online class next session, so if nothing else, I have LOTS of free time, so there MUST be a way to make this at least somewhat awesome.


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