Jun. 27th, 2012

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I Would Talk So Much My Food Would Overcook

I have used up my stash of 39-cent coconut milk (which, by the way, was of a higher quality than the $1 coconut milk, because it was milk and cream and made a much better sauce) so I think the once-a-week green curry days are coming to an end. I'm also almost out of green curry paste and entirely out of green bamboo rice. The remaining green curry paste might get stuffed under the skin of a roast chicken, because I am moving on to other dishes...

First, the Final Green Curry was fantastic, due to a surprise bag of restaurant food. My boyfriend works at a Japanese Restaurant - actually, he works at two different restaurants owned by the same family. I'll write more about this later, cause he's got some exciting stuff going on this summer/fall. But the one restaurant that he works at less frequently is like... a very fancy high quality restaurant (you know, there are fancy restaurants where the food is actually really crappy, but this particular place has very very high quality ingredients and an amazing chef - ergo really fantastic food) and the other night when he worked there someone ordered some take out and never picked up their food. He brought the food home with him saying it was all weird gross stuff that he didn't want to eat, and I re-purposed all of it into stuff he most certainly DID eat, lol.

There were two mushroom soups and some kind of mixed salad plate. The soup was assorted mushrooms in gingko broth with gingko nuts, and the salads were a seaweed salad, an edamame salad, and a squid salad - I'm almost out of rice, so all the salads went in the rice cooker with the last of my rice since five of us were eating this meal - more on that later too, my house is getting crowded! I have put edamame salad from the supermarket in with my rice before, figuring it was like rice and beans, right? but this salad was more deluxe than the one from the store, plus there was seaweed and squid with marinated vegetables and stuff. So that was just really a super nice rice bowl, seriously. The gingko broth I mixed with rice vinegar and used to marinate thinly chipped beef from the meat counter (not the frozen kind you make cheese steaks with) with a generous sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

Then I made curry sauce with fresh dill and basil, green beans, and the marinated chipped beef, and it was delicious, and I'm now entirely full! The assorted fancy mushrooms from the soup? Yeah... I ate those for breakfast/lunch with some spinach, like a salad :) Nobody loves mushrooms like I do, so I did not share those :)

Next up: I want to try eating this quinoa stuff that I keep hearing about. I looked up some info on cooking it on google and you can cook it in the rice maker. Sold. Expect quinoa recipes. Also, I want to cook my rice in coconut water sometime. I am really big on cooking my rice in a tasty beverage. I put my anise-mango tea in a tea ball and put THAT in my rice cooker with water and that was delicious. Also: I picked my coriander. My cilantro, leafless, has finished making flowers and moved on to seed pods, which have now turned brown. Those little balls are fresh coriander. So I expect to be cooking with coriander in the next few days.


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