Jul. 16th, 2012

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1. School is fine. I'm taking the second part of my French class, also online.

2. My friend Matt and his gf stopped over for an (uninvited) visit this weekend, and I'm really glad he did. I was kinda irritated when he first arrived, because he didn't knock (of course) and I was dressed like a bum, my hair was a mess, and I was sitting in the bowl chair reading online (and therefor couldn't even get up to meet him at the door) and my kitchen was messy and I was just like, OMG WHO DOES THAT? WHO DOESNT EVEN KNOCK? But it was a nice visit, they really kinda coaxed me into some socialization, his gf just started talking to me about all kinds of stuff in her life, like as if she was my friend and she was just updating me on what was up with her, and she looked out my window and saw my flowerpots in my courtyard, and then we went outside to look at my garden (front yard and back yard) and she has a garden too so we talked about that, and then I brewed some delicious teavana tea to make some iced tea... Matt rummaged through my fridge to find my exotic one of a kind beers and drank some of them and pestered me to sit outside in the grass with him (I declined) and I also introduced his gf to coconut water.

All in all... I have been seriously lacking in social contact. A lot of people are on vacation right around now, so that is some of it, and I don't have school (it's one class and it's online) and some people I know from school are away for the summer anyway, but Matt and E live so close and I hardly make an effort to see them either. But it was a nice afternoon and I feel much better after seeing them.

3. I have so so many cherry tomatoes in my garden! I have a huge huge dill plant as well, so I am going to make a tomato-lemon-dill sauce and serve it with salmon and cucumbers. Don't you wish you ate at my house??


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