Aug. 5th, 2012

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Oh she said you've changed; I said we're always changing

Sometimes I feel like LJ has really changed - like it's not the same as it was, and in a lot of ways it really has. But I've changed too. When I started writing in this journal it was like it was my best friend. I was very lonely, and I was very alone in my life. Now I have real people that I am very close to and this journal and I, we dont have the same relationship that we used to and I know it shows in my writing. If ever I needed to provide my final words, I would paraphrase the end of the book "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" - the book is written as a series of letters sent to an unknown recipient, and at the end the writer thanks the reader for being there for him but says his life has changed and he doesnt need to write to him any longer. He wants the reader to know that if someday he stops hearing from him, he shouldnt assume that something bad has happened and worry about him or feel sad - instead he should believe that the writer is having such a full and wonderful life that he hasnt the time or the need to write anymore.

So if ever I stop writing in this journal and you wonder what happened, please believe that I am still here, and that I am busy living my wonderful life as full as I can,

1. And
2. I
3. Will
4. Always
5. Believe
6. The
7. Same
8. Thing
9. About
10. You

<3 Always, Lara Inside

DAY 1: 10 things about you
DAY 2: 10 things you love
DAY 3: 10 things you hate
DAY 4: 10 things you want to say to someone
DAY 5: 10 wishes
DAY 6: 10 items you can't live without
DAY 7: 10 important people
DAY 8: 10 of your favorite songs
DAY 9: 10 ways to win your heart
DAY 10: Final 10 words


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