Oct. 27th, 2012

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Both [livejournal.com profile] midnight21 and [livejournal.com profile] zeegeek have done this so far. I was avoiding it, but since I've had such a hard time writing stuff, I've given in. I'm sure I can manage to be wordy when asked questions about myself. Some of these questions are pretty intense, but at least not the first one!

1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I have lots of nervous habits, some of which can be very destructive, mostly to do with scratching and picking at myself. This is actually somewhat of a secret, so don't tell anybody. I was just trying to come up with something I haven't said already.

2. When people see me around family members, or even photos of my family, they always remark how we look EXACTLY alike, no matter which side of the family it is. So something about my genetics causes us all to look EXACTLY alike? I mean now that we're both grown up I think my sister could easily pass for my twin - some identical twins don't look perfectly alike but still are identical - and I think I've always been able to pass for twins with my cousin because we're the same age.

3. I read super fast. I read The Hunger Games trilogy in one day. And still managed to do a few other things with my time as well.

4. I have a violin and am considering taking violin lessons.

5. I have an iPhone 4 now. Not a 4s. I'm afraid of Siri.

6. I also have a super!bling case with a peacock on it.

7. Speaking of peacock, I'm working on a drawing of angel wings made of peacock feathers. The girl Mimi who dragged me to a bar (only once) wants to show it to a tattoo artist. I am happy to oblige. I like to draw and I love peacock feathers!

8. I have new TV shows. I still don't watch live TV, but I now watch Homeland, Revolution, Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad in addition to 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother.

9. I haven't touched my guitar in ages.

10. I am friendly acquaintances with a very unusual person who takes the bus when I do.

11. I have no idea how to spell acquaintance without spell-check

12. I am really good at insulting people without realizing it until after I close my mouth.

13. When I am old I want to have flower-arranging and hat decorating as my hobbies.

14. I am too lazy to carve my pumpkin for Halloween.

15. Actually I think I might eat my pumpkin. It's a squash, right, and squash is food?

16. I take my shoes off and switch chairs when I come home from school. I feel like Mr. Rogers. Actually I put on a cardigan too. I AM Mr. Rogers!

17. I did the coolest thing at the Renaissance faire, I improv'd a silly song with some traveling minstrels. I even mimicked their accents! Screw having a professional career. Can't I be a traveling minstrel?

18. I am terrible at baking. I make the worst cookies and cakes. If you come over for dinner, bring dessert!

19. I need two blankets when I curl up on the couch - one to put over me and one to pet.

20. I hate movies and TV shows where dead people come back to life. ...zombies and vampires don't count. I mean ACTUALLY come back to life. Miracles are shit.

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