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Front yard: The little blue flowers Bevan planted last fall that bloomed last winter have come back! Well, the flowers didn't come back, but the leaves are back! After a google-fest, I concluded they must have been Muscari, because those bloom in late winter and then disappear, but the leaves come back late summer and are evergreen through the winter. However... I also have some mysterious non-weed looking leaves sprouting and I can't figure out what they might be. They're near tulip bulbs, but they don't look exactly like tulip leaves. Hmmm.

This spring Bevan planted a few spring bulbs - some were irises and some were these other purple flowers, and those have both bloomed and finished. There were also these tall spiky things that are blooming now, making little white flowers with purple centers. This fall I am going to dig up those bulbs and move them to the back of the garden because they are so tall. He also planted Dahlias, and while it was cool to see them bloom in MAY, I totally failed at taking care of them. Maybe seven was too many to plant, too, cause they totally took over the whole garden, they're huge and sprawling and google says I should have been pinching them back as they grew, and they should have grown with stakes. Well... my bad. I seriously cut them back this morning. We had a few rainstorms the past few days and the storm wrecked up the garden anyway. He also planted lilies that he bought at a garden store - only a few of those bloomed. I ordered a few things from a garden catalogue - the lilies I ordered all bloomed and are absolutely gorgeous. I also ordered daisies, and they're pretty. I also bought anemones and crocosmia - I got a few anemones but no crocosmia at all (unless... that is the mysterious thing thats sprouting near the Muscari... I can't remember exactly where I planted everything... MY BAD AGAIN)

Oh and my little basil plants... well, I kept pulling the flowers off, because when basil flowers, it starts to taste bitter instead of delicious. Apparently doing that makes the basil grow bigger and bigger and bigger, so I've actually got two huge basil bushes now! I'm going to make pesto from all this basil soon, cause I need to cut the plants down cause they're blocking my other plants from the sun. I had no idea they could get that big, they're like as big as I am almost! Like seriously, up to my shoulders (sitting down - they're not THAT huge, lol. Still it's like more than three feet!) The pesto can go on some homemade pizza with potato slices... yummy...

The ornamental grasses Bevan planted are gorgeous, and so is the flowering bush! Over all it's still lovely, so I decided to use my (small amount) of extra money on garden things, and ordered more things to plant in the fall. I'm excited for things to start arriving (Sept-Oct depending on what they are) and I've found that I really do like crawling around in the dirt digging things up and burying things. In fact, I kind of love it! It's exciting!

Back yard: Everything I planted next to the fence on the left failed. No anemones lived, no daisies lived, and the lilies that were in pots sprouted but didn't flower (these were the ones from the store) and same with the lilies in the pots on the back porch. The lilies next to the fence on the right did sprout, but something ate one of them! Probably the same thing that ate my strawberries... strawberries are hardy though and they've since come back and have been making berries all summer. The berries aren't that tasty but the plant looks cool. Also my lemon balm is big and beautiful. Oregano is big and beautiful. Rosemary is big and beautiful. Thyme is short and wide and beautiful... my dill I guess is an annual and I DIDNT pull the flowers off (except for a few cause I cooked them and ate them!) and it's about done for the year. My tomatoes... they are doing what the Dahlias are doing in the front yard. I didn't know I had to stake them (and neither did Bevan I guess) cause they are cherry tomatoes so I thought they would make a small plant. Nope, they make a big plant with small tomatoes. So they're all crazy and over the place. There aren't any other plants near them though (except the oregano) so they're not really bothering anything, they just look crazy.

Next year, I'd like to plant my dill and cilantro near the fence where everything failed, because it's cool and shady over there and those plants like the coolness and shade, and also they're annuals (which I didn't know much about when I planted them) so maybe I can try to get them to reseed themselves over there. In their spots I want to stick sage and tarragon, which are perennials, and also I want to try to grow zucchini and chiles. My jalopenos get eaten by birds, so I'm also thinking about putting my strawberries and hot peppers in a cage or something. My room mate (who has a pet bird) says birds taste spicy things as sweet and are eating my peppers cause they're like candy. So a cage should work, right?

The plants I ordered from the catalogue are lazy susans, peach-colored poppies, and red and purple daylilies (I have some daylilies now and they are easy and awesome - they just keep making flowers!) I also got two big re-blooming irises and lots of spring irises, some big tall blue puffball things, and some more tulips and daffodils and hyacinths. I'm excited for fall! I used the money I was kind of setting aside for shopping, you know like clothes shopping, because I had it in my head that I really wanted more clothes, but actually, all the stuff I bought last year still fits me. I haven't changed size, and everything I already have is fine. I don't really need any more clothes, I mean I kind of already bought everything I could possibly need. I guess I was just planning on omg what if I change size again? Then nothing will fit! I guess I was hoping that I could lose weight, but I didn't, and I didn't gain so much that my new clothes don't fit. SO I BOUGHT FLOWERS INSTEAD. So... maybe I will get lots of exercise digging around in the garden or whatever.
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