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1. I can't find my driver's license anywhere. I never drive, but I do purchase alcohol from time to time and not having a photo ID is kind of a problem.

2. My pharmacy gave me the wrong medication. Yes, they really did. I couldnt believe it. It never really occurred to me to souble check that the right stuff was in the bag - its a pharmacy, these are drugs, they dont screw things up like that! It took me over an hour of waiting to get the right drugs, and neither the techs not the pharmacist apologized or showed any concern or sense of urgency to get the mix up fixed. I couldnt believe it. Im used to being given shit at the pharmacy - shit like, oh, we dont have any of that, we wont be able to fill this until next week (when its a prescription that must be re-prescribed monthly on THE DAY it runs out) and if that means youll go into withdraw we dont care, oh and by the way we flagged you, so dont bother EVER trying to pick up a schedule II here, we'll always be "out." That kind of shit. Ive never been given the wrong drug before. IMO they should all be fired. Someone could die that way. And they didnt even care - the tech was even snotty with me, makin sarcastic comments about me to the oharmacist right in front of me. I dont even. Wtf.

3. Me and Bevan did some beach/back to school shopping, cause thats what we're doing for the rest of the month. Im all set: sunscreen and beach towel, insulated cooler pouch, case of coconut water for the beach, lunch bag, laptop case, and capri pants for school, good to go! Im excited for school this year cause I finally feel like Im making some progress with this degree. Dont expext to hear from me too much cause Ill be busy busy busy!
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