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I took a small vacation right before school started, and I was very excited for it and it was really quite nice and relaxing. I don't know, which would you rather hear about, school or vacation? I've had all my classes now - I have one class Mondays and Fridays and two classes Tuesday Wednesday and Thursdays. I feel pretty good about them. I recognize a few people in a few of my classes, even though it's such a big school, so that's kind of nice. I also managed to bring some sand with me to school and I felt pretty cool about that :) I mean, I guess it harkens way way back to when I was a kid and thought the beach was THE COOLEST PLACE EVER (and it's also the only place I'd ever been on vacation, ever, because my dad's family lives there so it was a very cheap vacation since we would stay with my grandparents) but yeah, I felt pretty cool looking down at the floor and being like, oh look, sand from the ocean, MY BAD, THAT MUST HAVE COME FROM ME, SINCE I WAS JUST THERE YESTERDAY YOU KNOW!

It was fun and relaxing. I'll have to do a beach trip entry sometime soon, before it loses all the freshness in my memory. I feel like I'm fully in the swing of school mode already, which I guess is a good thing, but it makes it seem like my trip was ages ago and I'm losing all the random exciting little thoughts that occurred to me while just sitting around and relaxing. Now all my energy is taken up by school logistics, getting there, carrying stuff around with me, getting around while I'm there and what to eat while I'm there and how to get myself socializing without being that annoying person who like tries to bust into a closed social circle and is entirely oblivious that nobody wants her there... I have good feelings about this year though.
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