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So me and Erica hit the mall today and I FINALLY BOUGHT A DRESS.

I really had nothing even remotely appropriate to wear to a wedding - not even close. Especially since I don't know the people getting married, so it's not like they could be like, ah, haha, there's Lara, her fashion sense has always sucked, hehe.

I wear a size seven, it seems, and I HAVE THE AMAZING WHITE BOOTS. As of this afternoon, I also have a black and white diagonal striped dress. It does not look absolutely awful on me! It is probably the nicest piece of clothing I own and in fact looks pretty nice. YESITWASEXPENSIVE. I got some black beads, too, but they were cheap - Forever 21 is my friend :P

And so, since I finally have an outfit, I decided to also tackle my hair tonight. I love my hair being cupcake pink... I really do, it's such a pretty color, since my hair was perfectly bleached underneath. But, see, I really think it makes me look like a little kid. It's just... it doesn't say "24." It says "14." I don't want to look fourteen! So I'm trying a deeper color - today I think it looks really, really great, it goes better with my skin tone because it's less of a contrast, I suppose, and my roots are much darker than the ends which is a really nice effect, too. Hopefully it stays this great looking - well, I'm not going to wash it any time soon, so it should - it will look really great with a black and white dress...

So this is, like, a date, guys. For reals. I bought a dress :P
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o.0 Do I need these shoes?

You know, after I went on and on about how I have all the (two) shoes I need and the ones I have are perfect and shoes are a pain in the ass but...

0.o wouldn't they be great with a tea-length skirt? Aren't white boots delightfully eighties? Aren't the buckles delightfully punk? AND DON'T I NEED TO WEAR A SKIRT TO A WEDDING ANYWAY? And wouldn't green doc martins be totally inappropriate, especially really old ones?

I'm sure they'll be filthy within a few days, but I really only need to wear them once... and I could probably clean them, you know, when they do get (immediately) dirty...

See, this is what happens when you don't drive and you live out in bumblefuck Nj: You make the shopping come to you!
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So the first day of summer is... June 21, I believe?

No, actually, it's today.

It's too hot. I'm too hot.

I like warm weather. But too hot is too hot. Those clothes I bought a little while ago, for "when it gets really hot?" Yeah. Good decision. It's really hot.

Anyway. Erica has been wanting to do some girly things with me, and I have been continually turning her down. She really wants to, one, go to the beach. No. Two, lay out in the sun in her back yard. No. Three, go shopping at the mall. No. Four, Get our nails done in a salon. No.

Oh wait, did I just turn down shopping?

I take it back! I want to go to the mall! I have been wanting to go to the mall for ages!

I shopped. )

But I found it incredibly cool that Erica found it so hard to believe that I would be self-conscious. Like she automatically assumed that of course I'm better than that.

I'm not, though, of course. But it is the thought that counts, isn't it?
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The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ithidrial, since, you know, I work in a coffee shop, I thought it was fitting.

For the record, I think I drank three coffees today, "coffee" meaning two shots plus milk and whatever in a 20oz cup. I definitely don't feel all that energized, though, let alone jittery. Probably since, you know, there's not much to do at work besides drink coffee, I must have become immune to caffeine all together or something.

I ramble about stuff here )


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