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That I Stopped Speaking To Because I Realized We've Grown Apart But For Some Reason Contact Every So Often, Think We Should Spend More Time Together, And Then End Up Frustrated All Over Again And Vow To Stop Speaking To You Once And For All.

There are certain cliches that run rampant through every fandom. Sometimes I feel like I read the same fic over and over again with varying degrees of finesse. This is the kind of thing that makes me feel like pouring so much work into a piece of fanfiction is nothing but a waste of my time.

But it's my time, and I can waste it if I want to, right?

But in my Harry Potter fanfic, I will not fall prey to these traps:

1. I will not have an evil/unreasonable Ron.

I really like the idea of doing a fanfic where Draco is a more central character. I've been obsessing over Harry, to varying degrees, since, oh, 1999 or so, but the world of fandom is where Draco really seems to thrive. In the books he's a pretty minor character. But I read so many fics where he's portrayed in a much more sympathetic way but somehow Ron turns all evil and nasty - I guess because they don't get along, and if the reader/writer are on Draco's side, then Ron must be awful? Ron is a very noble character and one of my favorites. Giving Draco more attention in my fic will not mean Ron goes all OOC.

2. Draco will not be nice for no reason

Draco is not nice! He is not nice at all! He finds fun in making other people feel small - nice people do not do that. Yes, I know that people can change, but not for no reason! I refuse to start my fic with Draco being OOC either - I know in the book he turns out not to be fundamentally evil, but there is a huge difference between not being a despicable excuse for a human and being nice

3. I will try my best to resist the lure of the love story

Yeah, see, I can't even be definitive on that one! I guess, intellectually, I do understand why most fanfics turn into love stories of some sort. I mean, yeah, I read the epilogue, and I know it's all canon and whatnot, but the books themselves are not love stories even if there is some romance in them. I guess so many writers fall back (or fall for, maybe I should say) on the love story is because, well, aren't we all in love with the story anyway? And because it's not in the book much, well, that gives so much freedom to creative minds to think up all kinds of alternate scenarios. But I don't want to write a love story - I want to write a mystery/adventure! I swear! I really do! That's what I want! No sappy romance for me, and no, no no writing of sex scenes! I am shit for a smut writer, I really am!

4. The characters are teenagers and will act like it

This is the hardest one to adhere to. JK did it beautifully. Fanfic often fails. I'm having trouble wrapping my own head around it as well, I mean, I'm not a teenager myself, and it's a mindset I've tried to put behind me, not hold onto in case I need to write a teenage character!
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Is a wand used to apparate?

12 Grimauld place is under the Fidelus Charm... does this mean that only a wizard who has been told it's location by the spell's caster can find it? (I think it does) If so, does that mean that, since Dumbledor is dead, no one new can ever find the place?

Avada Kedavra doesn't work on Harry at all, ever, or it just doesn't work if it's cast by Voldemort, or it just didn't work that one time when his mother protected him?

Harry wants to be an Auror when he grows up. What do Ron and Hermione want to be?

If Harry's mother is muggle-born, does that make Harry a half-blood, or is a half-blood only when one parent is a muggle and one is a wizard?

I bet you Dumbledor can see through a glamour just like he can see through an invisibility cloak. Mad Eye Moody probably can too. Can Voldemort?

How the hell does one make a Portkey, anyway? And can a Portkey circumvent the Fidelus Charm? Like, can someone who hasn't been told the location by Dumbledor be Portkeyed into 12 Grimauld Place, or should I just give up on this?

Did Sirius die because he fell into the Veil, or did he die and then fall into the Veil?
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The Stupid Work Shoes Saga Continues

So. Tonight at work I said something to Vicky, my GM, about how I went out and got black shoes at Rich, the other manager's, request. She said she knew full well I wasn't wearing "regulation" shoes and was totally unconcerned about it. In other words, I really don't need to wear non-slip shoes and Rich was just being an asshole to me. She said she was willing to let my shoes go and that it wasn't a major concern because I don't go in the kitchen. Just like I originally said. So I'm pissed.

Attention Car Owners: Gimme Advice

Ok, so, what do I do if my car freezes shut? Really. It's not so much that I don't know how to drive - I do know how to drive. I have a license and everything. Yes, I did wreck a car, but I'm not going to repeat that situation again. It's just that I don't know how to be a driver. I drove for a few months when I was a teenager - and I had my parents breathing down my neck the whole time. I drove for maybe six months when I lived with my mom when she was sick - that's pretty much it. So, excuse me for not being the expert.

What do I do if my car door freezes shut? Last night after work I just went back inside the restaurant and got a cup of hot water from the coffee machine and poured it on the door. And if I wasn't somewhere with a coffee machine? Then what would I do? And what about when the lock is frozen? I scorched my key with a lighter - is that going to eventually mess up my key, or is that the correct solution?

And... my tires. So, I had a flat tire. Cause I ran smack into the side of the curb. Are new tires automatically going to lose a little air, and I just need to put more air in them and they'll be fine, or when I blew my tire out did it mess up the wheel somehow and the new tire is going to go flat too? Cause my tire is halfway to flat again. Normal, or no?

My Harry Potter Fic Is Freakin' Awesome

I've got about thirty Word pages of random scenes from this fic I've imagined. I'm... kinda starting to obsess over this, but, at the same time, I've been on the off-side of the HP fandom for so long and it's been a long while since I've read the actual books, that my canon knowledge is hazy at best. So it's official, I am doing a series re-read. I don't own the books - I don't own many books at all, cause I move too much and books are a pain to lug around. But I do drive (see, there was a reason I shelled out the money for this car insurance nonsense) so I can go sit in the bookstore and read them. Meaning instead of sitting around in my awful house, I can sit around in the bookstore. With a purpose. So... maybe I'll post my re-read observations. That's be cool, eh?

Worst Girlfriend EVAR

So, being that it's winter, B's other job, which in the summer is landscaping, is now snow removal. He still works for the same guy, he just does a slightly different job. And since there's been a lot of snow... well, he's been pretty sore and tired. And I give a decent massage if I do say so myself. I don't much like to get massages - I'm not very comfortable with anyone putting their hands all over me. It takes me a while to actually relax and enjoy it, if I ever actually get to the part where I just relax in the first place. But I'm always sore and tired too, pretty much, so B and I spent the day just laying around at his house and watching Dating On Demand. Yes really. We just sat there watching all the videos and commenting on who we would and would not go out with, why, and what kind of date it would be and what our expectations would be and etc.

So... yeah. I discuss dating others completely without reservations... with my boyfriend. Yeah. Yep. Go on and on about who is and isn't my type and who is a good date for fun and who is a good date for a few months and who I'd fall head over heels with... who am I kidding? Are we really boyfriend and girlfriend, or what? I dunno. It didn't seem odd at the time, not at all, not one bit. But it kinda does now. Well... whatever, I guess. Neither of us is lying to the other, so... I guess we're doing it right?
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I did. I really did. I spent all day writing away at a piece of Harry Potter fanfiction... what is the world coming to?

Well, whatever, at least I'm doing something I like, right, even if it isn't worthwhile.

I miss my other house. I don't feel very attached to this one.
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I dunno why I have to be the kind of person who is just pulled every which way - some people know what they want in life and go for it, and some people kind of go where life takes them, and CERTAIN OTHER PEOPLE (like me) always feel like they should be doing something else.

You know, people identify what they're good at and what they have a passion for, and focus their lives on that... even if their passion is snowboarding, like my cousin Ryan - no one would say he's particularly successful, I mean, he didn't do well in school, never went to college, never had a "real" job (but did plenty of odd jobs all over the place) but still, he knows what he wants from life and goes for it. He's got something driving him, he's got his big plans, he's got it all worked out.

I don't know what I'm good at or what I have a passion for except for what's become a very vague and unreliable notion that I'm very intelligent. I mean, I am very intelligent, and half the time, I feel like keeping this fact a secret. Truth is, when I was a kid, I was tested and found to be completely off the charts. When I was in elementary school I didn't have to sit through class with the other kids, I got to go to a special program with only five of us and we got to study whatever we wanted, as long as someone was supervising us and making sure, you know, that we were actually working on stuff and not screwing around or something. By the time I was in third grade I could read anything and did, including Crime and Punishment and yes, I understood it. I took my SATs when I was in seventh grade and scored a 1570, so, yes, I really truly am that intelligent. I say this is vague and unreliable because, come on, where has all this intelligence gotten me besides utterly dissatisfied with everything I encounter?

I dropped out of high school, which I think was a good choice and I'd do it again. But I also dropped out of college, which... I mean, I know why I did it at the time. I just wish I hadn't. I wish things had been different, way different and I could have finished. Cause I feel like my poor brain is just rotting away here. I don't want to sound stuck up, but, not only am I smarter than pretty much every one I encounter, where I am now and working where I do I feel like I'm on some other planet. So no, I don't want anyone to know that I ever even went to college, and no, I don't want anyone to know how smart I really am, because that gets me the immediate response of "WELL THEN WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE, GO DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE WITH YOUR LIFE!"

What's worthwhile, anyway? I'd do it if I could figure out what it was, I swear.

I think this has a lot to do with why I wanted to be a teacher, I think I figured, well, if I don't know what I want to do for me, then, instead of being a useless lump, I'll do what I can for someone else.

And here I am a useless lump.

What brought this on? Oh well, ever since I read that massive Harry Potter fanfic by Cassandra Claire, I've been wanting to write my own - I can write my own Draco fanfic and plagiarize none of it and it'll prolly be just as good as hers... right? (I dunno about that, I hardly ever write anymore, but I think I'd enjoy trying) So I've decided to do a HP re-read and take copious notes along the way for my big massive fic project - oh, if only I could have harnessed this ambition, you know, in school because as much as I love fanfic, as much as I think the community element is amazing and without compare... really, who reads fanfic? It's not something you can really tell anyone and expect any kind of credibility. What do you do? Oh well right now I'm writing a Harry Potter fanfiction... yeah, no, not really. Might as well say, "oh, I'm writing a novel," as so many wannabe-authors do, only, yeah, when you meet that one person who says "oh I'd love to read it!" um, what are you going to show them? Your HP fic?

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Right right right right right.

So. I was cruising Amazon looking for books I want to read. Came across City of Bones. Thought, yeah, that's something I'd like! My opinion of it, from the description, was that it was probably better than Twilight (which I didn't like and couldn't finish - I prefer my vampires a little more Anne Rice, thanks). I like YA fiction and I like modern fantasy, and it seemed to have a lot of elements I'm drawn to.

Then, of course, I noticed who wrote it. Cassandra Clare, who is Cassandra Claire on the internet. Now, I know who she is cause I follow internet drama like it's my job or something. I love Harry Potter but I loved Harry Potter more several years ago, before the series ended. I didn't read much Harry Potter fanfiction, just a lot of fan-made theories about how the series was going to end. But I still knew who Cassie Claire was and that there was a huge drama about her plagiarizing her work from other novels and TV series. So I was disgusted with her, and never read her fics, and probably wouldn't have read them anyway.

Well then, I got really curious. So, it took me several nights of reading, but I did read through her massive trilogy of novel-length fics. AndIreallylikedthem.

I did. I'll admit it. And... I get that she might not have been everyone's favorite person (although she had a lot of fans) but... I don't really see her work as plagiarized. She used quotes from TV shows a lot, which I've read in other fanfics before and thought was funny, like a friendly little wave to other fandoms, or whatever. Sometimes I think she over-quoted, as in, the quotes were so over done it took her characters a little... out of character. But I don't really see that as plagiarism. Maybe lazy, or maybe just resourceful. She probably wanted to have a witty character and isn't that creative, and so threw in a bunch of quotes.

Other than that, though, her writing is really good. All the twists and all the characters and all the fantasy elements and everything went together really well and it really was like reading a real novel. I enjoyed it. It was a really good read and a really, really interesting look at how the actual series didn't go. CC doesn't really write like JK, but she included enough elements of the original series that it wasn't glaring. Ok, so, she wrote much more purple than JK, but it's fanfic, and that's what fanfic writers do, pretty much. Goblet of Fire is my favorite HP book and the end of GOF is where CC started her fic.

And I have to say... I didn't like the way Deathly Hallows ended. I thought the epilogue was total crap and I was disgusted by it... to nice and neat and perfect and I was like whyyyyyyyyy would anyone do that to a perfectly wonderful series? In CC's universe... in the end, after evil was destroyed, the characters all went off to discover their own lives without a villian to fight. It was really quite poetic. I'm not saying CC is better than JK. I'm just saying that perhaps she made one better choice in writing. That's all. And that I enjoyed her three "alternate" books.

But now... I still don't know if I want to read City of Bones. I hear she lifted entire parts of her HP fic and incorporated them in her novel. I dunno... I can even see why she would do that, I mean, if it was really good writing, why not use it where it can actually be shared beyond the internet? But then again, why not just write something new? On one hand, I don't really understand why she used her HP pen name to publish her book. Why, if she's really serious about being a fantasy writer, would she be okay with associating herself with a fanfic writer? I'm pretty sure other published authors write fanfic, under a different name, and the two identities are never connected and no one is the wiser. After all, fanfic is just for fun, isn't it? But I guess it's because she caused such a stir with all her plagiarism drama that her name became well known, and that's how she got published in the first place - cause she already had a fan base.

I dunno. They say Picasso's friends never let him in their studios, cause he would see what they were doing and then do it better. Is that plagiarism?

I wanna read City of Bones kinda like how you see something really awful, like roadkill or something, and you know it's gonna be disgusting, but you check it out anyway... I LIKED her fanfic. But I'm afraid her published novel is gonna be like her fanfic re-written as something original. That's kinda like roadkill... right?


Dec. 21st, 2008 08:04 pm
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As I said, WAT?

Cassandra Clare? As in, Cassandra Claire, the Harry Potter BNF who plagiarized the decent parts of her fics?

Yes. That Cassandra Claire.

And I thought the book looked good, too...


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