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You know those really thin plastic bags you get from the grocery store to put your veggies in?

I totally just turned on the toaster with one of those bags kind of... near it, like, almost on it but not quite.

They melt, by the way. Really quickly.


My Great And Wonderful Plan is totally screwed. How screwed? Oh, let me count the ways.

Well, there's my car. If I get my car fixed and registered and insured, it'll max out my credit card. I don't really want to do that, because that would leave me completely screwed if anything else comes up.

I have spent ALL of the money from the loan I took out on the house. I have not even remotely paid the loan off. (To be fair to me, paying the loan off by now certainly wasn't part of the original plan to begin with) I still cannot do anything else with the other house because I am still stalled by stupid zoning bullshit and the like.

The idea was supposed to be that by the end of the summer I would move into the other house, because it would actually be mostly livable by then because it would have been being worked on all summer, and I would rent out both floors of this house for the winter, and then by NEXT summer I would be renting out both floors of this house and two floors of that house all to tourists and all by the week, and THAT is how I would start paying everything off.


I went to the Coffee Co this morning to pick up my paycheck. I'll get another check from them on Friday, and then that's the end of that. That's six hundred dollars a month I won't have. By September I won't be getting the money from renting my upstairs anymore either. I can, hopefully, rent it to someone for the winter, but it certainly won't be the income it's been all summer.

If I spent ACTUAL money on fixing my car and all that, then I wouldn't have any ACTUAL money. But if I have no transportation (and the trolley doesn't run in the winter either) then how am I ever going to find another job, unless it's just down the street or something? I already inquired at pretty much every place of business within a ten-block radius - no one is hiring permanently. Couple places are hiring seasonal, but at this point, that's, like, two months. Which I'm torn between taking, and then starting the job search again in the fall (which is practically impossible since everyone downsizes in the fall), and ignoring, because what I really need is a non-seasonal job, and something that doesn't rely on tourism to sustain it, like... I don't even know what that would be anymore.

I need a "real job," is what it comes down to. Not a "kid job." Which means I need transportation. Blegh.

I AM IN OVER MY HEAD. I swore that I would not be, and, look at that, I AM.

And what, pray tell, has been occupying my every thought these days? No, not really my car, or finding a job. Not whatever disaster of a mess I've gotten myself into with Bevan. Nope.

I'm still writing that god-awful fanfic.

Which... feels good to be writing, but at the same time, damn, could I waste any more time?

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In MY post-4x13 fanfic (that I'm certainly not writing, lol)

I'd have the Doctor going batshit insane and taking Rose with him.  )

Tell me you'd rather read THAT than the same exact Bad Wolf Bay scene over and over again with slightly different dialogue/
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So I've had this journal for quite some time now. I had another one before this one. But I think I'm finally in the journal groove now, because when things happen part of my brain thinks "oh I can livejournal this."

For example I woke up this morning from a dream that left me a little disoriented and disturbed and thought, "hm, this would be interesting to livejournal."

Then, this afternoon, I went to the supermarket. I haven't been in the supermarket in months. I get my groceries delivered, thanks. Except today, I felt like being spontaneous and the trolley is running so it was actually possible for me to go. Even though I hate the supermarket anyway. And the whole time I was there I was like, "hm, this wouldn't be bad to livejournal."

Then SOMETHING HAPPENED at the supermarket, and I was like, screw everything else that happened, I'm livejournalling THIS ONE.

Then I went to work tonight and was like, you know, this is worth livejournalling.

LOL. I have a lot to say, but of course now that my day is totally over I'm just exhausted, and that includes my journalling skills as well. I don't think I can pull of such a clever and well put together entry as I had been planning to.

No matter. Pick your poison:

My dream )

And I was like, "damn, I'm livejournalling that dream. Who else has dreams like that?" So, yeah. My body plays trick on me even when it's just my dream-body, I guess, and leaves me waking up all kinds of disoriented.

The supermarket )

I told you I hate the supermarket. I knew one day I would livejournal my supermarket issues. In fact I should do it every single time I go. Just to prove that it's always miserable. Every. Single. Time.


I am very bad at distinguishing the difference between flirting and friendliness. I have identified this as a problem and am making an effort to alter this. Erica was not flirting with me. She was merely being friendly, and friendly is good, because I need friends.

My job )

And that's really all there is to it, folks, I've now gotten all of my saved up inner monologuing out of my system. Ain't it great?
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I'm making it a serious point to write every day.

For the same reason I started this journal in the first place: so when I screw things up, I don't just stand there dumbfounded saying "how the fuck did I let things get like this?" You know, I can just go back and read through everything and figure it out. So I don't then go repeating it for the rest of my life.

Of course, I started this journal, eh, two years ago or so.

It hasn't really helped, but I'm trying.

This morning at five thirty Sima came and knocked on my door asking if I needed any help down the stairs. I was all ready with a bucket of hot water to throw down them, and I probably could have done it myself, assuming the water wouldn't have frozen into more ice anyway. But I thought that was really, really sweet of him to think of me and come upstairs to help.

I was kinda getting all psyched up to tell Shaina off at work today but of course she didn't do anything totally intolerable, so I did not get to.

Today Wawa was out of my favorite bread.

That's really about it.


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