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Craft Tip, Pertaining Again To Toner Prints/Copies

So. Print something out on a laser printer or get it copied on a color copier (or b&w, but for this color is kind of the point - as long as you're using toner rather than ink it will work) and then cover this piece of paper with gel medium. You know, the stuff they sell near the acrylic paints, comes in like a tub or something, and says "gel medium" on it. It's clear, comes in different consistencies and stuff. Paint the whole piece of paper, or just the image, once going horizontal, let it dry, paint it again going vertical, let it dry again, and then paint it one more time horizontally.

When it's totally dry, get the whole thing wet, and rub off all the paper part until you've just got a sheet of get medium left. The toner will stay on the gel - so, there's your image. Put it over aluminum foil or metallic paper and it looks nifty, or put it over something textured, and it looks nifty, or stretch it out or wrinkle it up and it looks nifty -

Or you can cover your windows with it so it looks kinda like stained glass.

That's what I did.

I'm having window issues now that the island is massively populated. I'm working on that.

Also, Xena has totally stolen my heart away from Harry Potter
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Without Like Going Out And Buying A Map And Hanging It Up

Snag a map of China off the internet. Massively enlarge it and tile it in photoshop. Then go get it printed out at Staples - on a copy machine or laser printer, it must be done with toner rather than ink - oh yeah, you've got to mirror image it too, before it gets printed. Cause then you rub wintergreen oil all on the backs of the printouts to transfer the outline of the map onto the wall.

And there ya go - China on your wall!

So then if you have waaayyyy to much time on your hands... you can go to Home Depot, buy some moulding and make a frame and nail it to the wall around your map. You can paint over the map with a light wash of antique parchment color - it won't cover up the map cause it's toner and it'll come through everything - and then paint over the lines of the map with, oh, burnt sienna ink and a sumi brush.

Yep. Map of China on the wall.

Also - I need to come to a decision about my passport. I know where it is - it's either in my mom's safety deposit box or it's in my dresser at my parents' house. So, I either go get it, or I say it's lost and get a new one.

And while I'm at it (did I try labeling everything in my house in Chinese? Yeah, I may have done that...) where's my Chinese English dictionary, anyway? Cause I could sure use that cause I remember about twenty characters and not the particularly useful ones either. Oh, of course my dictionary is at my parents' house too. I think. If it still exists.

Am I really going to China?

Nah, it's just on my wall.
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[livejournal.com profile] ithildyn took one of these, and so, being that it was about art, I had to take a bunch!

artsy quiz results under this cut! )

I love leaving. Leaving is my favorite thing to do. Whenever something knocks me down... I leave. I have a long standing history of doing this. It's such a rush. It started when I left my parents' house to go to college, and I never stopped. It doesn't matter how much I do or don't love somewhere - once I get the idea that it's time to leave, I LEAVE, and I LOVE it.

A therapist would call this "running away," and this is why I don't like therapy. They take what you say and find the closest categorical response available, and just use that. I'm not running away - what am I running away from? There's nothing here. I don't have a problem settling down - why would I settle down here, I don't like it here! I don't have a problem forming attachments - I form too many attachments! Erica, for one - yeah, I'm pretty attached to her, alright. Erica is like... my sanity, my sounding board, and my constant chatter - she's like my TELEVISION. Always got something on. And Bevan - I am very, very attached to him. If I left here and never saw him again, I would be sad. That would be a very sad thing.

And it's not just the two of them - my manager, Vicky, who calls us all her kids. All my coworkers who've helped me out in a pinch and always invite me out - John, Heather, Lindsay, etc, even Sima, my ex-tenant. I'm kinda attached to all these people.

But I just don't see that as a reason to stay here.

I saw my cousin Ryan yesterday, and I think that's what has really set me off. Ryan grew up here - Ryan never wanted anything more than to leave here, and he did, and he comes home now and then, but he always takes off again. He works at ski resorts and stuff - he was a surfer, but he switched from waves to mountains because he wanted change. Ryan does it all the time, leaves and goes somewhere else, because it's just time. No one says he's running away from anything, no one says he has attachment problems, issues, disorders - they say he's a "free spirit" or sometimes that he musta been a flower child or something.

He wasn't - but close to. My other two cousins, the ones who are older than me and Ryan, lived in a tent with my Aunt Jen and Uncle Ber until my oldest cousin was seven. Yes really.

Ryan and I look alike. A lot alike. It's almost eerie. I mean, the older we get and the more into our own lives we get, yeah, we do look a little different. But the basics stay the same. If I said I had a twin brother, and introduced him, no one would ever question it. So what's so different from him to me? Why am I always viewed as "running away" and he's "running free?"

I'd discuss this with Ryan himself, but, see, he's already off to find himself another mountain.
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Yes, as you can tell I am very mature.

One day, perhaps, I will get over my amusement with switching the hyphen from before "ass" to after it.

Today is not that day.

Long-ass entry, my friends, for I have a lot to say. )

So now I can accuse Bevan of making me sick.

Or, I have made him sick.

Either way. Sick sucks.

And thats... what's been up.

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Ok so one day a few years ago when I still lived with Daniel he was doing something in the corner behind his computer, like with the guts of it or something, and he asked me to pick up his phone and make a phone call for him. Fine. So at the time he had his phone programed to dial on voice command, and so he told me what to say to get it to call. He liked it that way cause he said it made him feel Star Trek-ish to say "call Jay" and the phone would call her. Also fine.

Except for the phone wouldn't recognize my voice! I had to give up and dial her from, you know, pushing buttons and the like.

This just furthers the theory that I talk funny. I don't think I sound different. There's no reason why I should sound different - I used to have a little bit of a stutter but the older I get the less it happens - I speak, as far as I can tell, exactly the same as everyone else. I have no type of speech impediment. Just, voice recognition stuff can't even hear me. It doesn't even process that I'm speaking!

I went to Philly yesterday, back to my old 'hood, to visit a friend that lived down the street from us. He had just gotten home from the hospital - he got shot, oh, sometimes last fall, and he had been in the hospital ever since. It's a pretty sad story - he is basically going to need someone to take care of him for the rest of his life. He's not, like, my bestest friend ever, but we lived on the same block, and we'd hang out pretty often, you know, have a few beers together, order take out, sit on the porch, you know, all that EOL stuff.

I wish this was a cute story but really it's just regular old life )

So we sat on the porch. The back porch, the one where they built the ramp. (Not even the same house - he's staying with his parents, they live in a different part of the neighborhood) Couple other peeps from down the street came over with a couple pizzas. We drank some beers. Well, I drank my beer from one hand and held my friend's beer for him and tried my damnedest not to spill it when I tilted it back. The first nurse left early, the night nurse arrived late. We went inside. We locked the door so the nurse would have to knock. We watched some weird freak-nasty porn. This was the routine back in the day, see, when we lived down the street from each other and my friend could hold his own beer. Yes, freak-nasty porn, and on that big TV, too. But it wasn't a single thing like old times. It wasn't a bit like old times.
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Let's start with the Wasp and the Unicorn:

1. Love, so love all on the costuming. I love period episodes.

2. Ok so Donna said something along the lines of "all the good men are gay" and then the Doctor said "all Timelords" or "or Timelords." So... that means what, exactly?

3. So are we deliberately playing "reference other eps" this season? Is it all going to add up to something in the finale, perhaps, kind of like the bad wolf references? Charles Dickens and the ghosts at Christmas, obviously, but then there's also the "hey, flyboy" comment Donna made.

4. The bit about how the wasp let Agatha go at the very end seemed incredibly tacked on. Sloppy writing! I would have been fine with it just drowning, honestly. We didn't need to wonder for a second if Agatha would be okay.

5. The Unicorn was hot. I'd slash her with Martha. And, I want her hairdo.

Other than watching Doctor Who, today I got my shift covered at the last minute and decided I was going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit before it ended.

And what a freakin' day it was. )

I'm really, really glad I decided to go. I'd be kicking myself forever if I bailed out on this one.
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So I went and sat on the edge of the beach today and drew for a few hours, it was really nice. Even though it was warm and sunny outside it was still pretty cool, especially closer to the water like I was, so eventually I got cold and went home.

When I got back my download was finished and I got to watch the Pompeii episode!

I'm not going to review the whole thing, or spoil anyone, but I was thoroughly impressed. Season three started off with me being seriously skeptical. Season four is doing just peachy, as far as I'm concerned.

So now I'm hardcore obsessing about paint. My kitchen floor is black and beige tiles. Big beige ones and small black ones. They have like a stone-ish texture. Same kind of thing on the wall above the counters. I wanted shiny black and white tiles so I could do it all nineteen fifties-ish, which would have been fab, but, really, white tiles? Shiny white tiles? So, what, I'll have to scrub them with bleach to keep them white, and rub them with mop and glo to keep them shiny? Yeah I think maybe not. If this was my house, that I was going to be living in, then yeah, maybe. For renters? No way. Carpet (eventually) is gonna be a beige-taupe kinda color. Like dirt. So it doesn't show dirt. And it's going to be the burbur kind of carpet, so it doesn't get all visibly worn and stuff.

So I have been debating about what colors I want the rooms. I've had it in my head that I want the living room to be a sort of pale baby blue color, lighter and more pastel than the outside of the house, which is a sort of blue-slate color. I also had this idea that I wanted my shutters to be maroon instead of white, but I'm not even going to go there. They're white and I'm not touching them and that's that. So the living room and the "dining room" share a wall, and the "dining room" shares a wall with the kitchen. Long ago I wanted the kitchen to be like sea foam green, to go with the black and white tiles, but of course that is not the case. So, I guess it should be blue to match the rest of the front half of the house. Except, I don't want it to be blue. But, I don't want it to clash either. I was thinking maybe a darker blue (and this is just a very little bit of wall we're talking here, so I don't know why it being blue is bugging me so much) or maybe even light grey - I don't know.

The bathroom really is going to be sea foam green, cause that's a great color. Maybe the kitchen should match the hallway? Cause I don't want the hallway to be blue like the living room/dining room either... I want the biggest bedroom to be peach walls with green accents. The smallest bedroom can be yellow walls with like cream and pink. I dunno about the middle room - I already did blue and green and yellow and peach, what does that really leave? I can't do purple, I hate purple walls. Maybe the kitchen and the hallway walls should be beige-sand colored, and the middle bedroom should be slate blue like the outside of the house - I have white curtains for that room, that would probably be nice. I'm not sure. It has to look really fab, though, because people are (ideally) gonna pay big money to stay here.

John said he'd go with me to get all the paint sometime this week - he's a waiter at the restaurant, and he's always asking me if I need stuff done around my house, and totally jumped on my "omg paint for me!!" sign. Apparently people always ask him to help them out but no one ever offers to pay, they think it should just be a favor from a friend. Well, friend or no, if someone does something you'd pay anyone else to do, well, you should pay them. Anyway, he's painted lots of houses, so hopefully he can be a good judge of how much paint too get.

He said he might bring Ruth along, if that's okay with me, because he said "she likes that kind of shit" I guess meaning decorating. I know Ruth owns a house on the island too. Maybe it would be good to have her advice, I should probably take her up on that.

I always feel kinda awkward around those two. One, they're both in their thirties, and they pretty much act like teenagers, as far as I've seen. That and, they're both obviously screwing each other, and Ruth is married to some other dude. So that's just kinda odd. But whatever.

Oh PS. I paid my taxes. Yes, I really did. I didn't spend all the money I have on stupid shit and have none left over for taxes. I seem to recall something about my mother insisting I was going to do that. Well, so there, mom. I didn't.

Waking Up

Feb. 24th, 2008 10:52 am
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Waking up to the sun shining all kinds of bright and reflecting off the snow is a hell of a lot better than waking up to an opaque sky and a weird grey light in the room because it's actually snowing.

So, it's Sunday, I have a big gaping hole in the side of my house where there's supposed to be a kitchen, I stayed up late last night painting designs on some leftover tiles because I felt like it, because I have this delusion that I'm an artist, because once upon a time I decided I wanted to be an artist when I grew up and here I am grown up... ready to get "dressed" for work when "dressed" means a polo shirt and a name tag...

No, seriously, I am in a better mood than I sound like. Like I said, the sun is out and it isn't snowing today.

And because it's Sunday nobody is here working on the kitchen, and by next Sunday it should be fully functional, and I've changed my plan a bit. Once the kitchen is finished I'm having the bathroom fixed up. I've already taken care of the walls and then the last thing I want to do is have the windows all replaced - then I'm switching apartments with Sima and Patrice. They can live up here, I am going back to living downstairs and I really, really want to have the place ready for summer. Just one apartment. Just one. I don't know. I'm trying.


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