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Ok so I was looking for a good SPN comm to join, now that the series is going again. So, I typed in "Supernatural" and didn't come up with much (I have since remedied that, but this is still bothering me) but I found this interesting comm called [livejournal.com profile] the_hor_house. HORS stands for House of the Rising Son. It's a "Queer as Folk" reference. The comm looked like it was very active, but it was entirely members-only. Usually comms like that are some type of disturbingly kinky, and they're locked like that so they don't end up getting shut down.

The more I explored, the more it seemed that it wasn't some extremely kinky-themed SPN comm, but it was just a very selective multiple show discussion comm, which appealed to me. You could only join if you were definitely going to participate - fine, I always participate in my comms! That's why I joined LJ in the first place! I was like, score! All my shows in one place, mature discussions following episodes, mature fic to read if I so choose... but then the deeper I looked the more I decided maybe it wasn't for me after all.

I think if I applied for membership I would probably get denied - for stupid reasons, because like I said, I always participate in my comms, I look for episode discussions, and the comm has a gay cinema and entertainment theme - great!

Read on, it starts getting bizarre )


I mean, I don't have GLBT cinema listed as one of my interests (although maybe I should, because it is, but I shouldn't have to add it just to be allowed into the comm)

Besides that, I guess I would get denied because of my "comment ratio." Hey, I started my LJ in 2006 when my diaryland site got all whacked. I didn't have internet where I was living so I only updated once a month or so, and then even less than that, until I got my own internet again. I guess that is a clear indication that I would not participate in this comm

Whatever, I found some good SPN comms anyway.
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As always, so totally not my vid, not my toes, not my annoying song!

So. If you have twelve toes, do you have to pay extra for a pedicure?

Seriously. Is this not the coolest thing?


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