Jan. 11th, 2012

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I said I wanted music similar to the band Fun. that I keep hearing on the radio and get mildly hyped over. Pandora gave me MGMT's "Time To Pretend." Okay, that's cool, yeah it is a similar style and all and yes, I do get that mildly hyped feeling from this song too but like... I thought Pandora was supposed to introduce me to new music?

Last night I cooked chicken with pesto and artichokes, it was really easy and delicious, although a little bit too salty. I cubed the chicken and marinated it in a jar of basil pesto, then rinsed the jar with water and added the water to the pan (so I could get all the leftover bits of garlic and basil and oil from the jar) and when it was hot I put the entire contents of the bowl in the pan and let the liquid boil for about 10 minutes. (Cause it was the marinade, so it had to boil to get the raw-chicken-danger out of it) This was long enough to cook the chicken, and since the pesto was oil based, the chicken was very very moist and delicious because it was boiling in oil! Then I added a jar of artichoke heart bruschette, which was basically chopped seasoned artichoke hearts, more olive oil, and red and yellow roasted peppers, and I stirred it around to warm it up and then that was it! Sooooo easy and so tasty. I made the rest of my whole grain shell pasta with it, and then after I turned the stove off I decided to add my baby spinach and arugula leftover from the things I bought last week. That was a delicious addition as well as some vitamin D and calcium and all from eating dark green veggies. If I was really thinking, I would have chopped up that pear and added it too for something crispy in there. Oh well. Something else will have to have pear in it.

I'm getting really antsy for school to start. I liked having a break, and I liked having company, but Mark and Bevan both work so it's not like I get to just hang out all day with them. Sometimes I do call people and try to meet up, in fact, today I'm supposed to hang out with The Girl In The Blue Dress from the New Year's party, but it finally occurred to me that what feels so weird is that I don't have a job. It's like when I came home from China but hadn't started school yet. I'm like in no-man's land. I wish I had the kind of personality that could take advantage of something like that, and in my imagination, I do. I say things like, I'm going to draw every day! I'm going to write for an hour every morning! I'm going to do three chores in the house before 2pm! I'm going to paint my fingernails a different color every three days! I'm going to play ukulele for as long as I can every day until I can play long enough to actually practice something for real! And then... I waste entire days doing NOTHING.

I wonder what kind of job I could do if I needed to find one... I could work in a drive-thru or something, like I did when I was a teenager. I could be a cashier, which I also did as a teenager. Um. I'm not sure what else. I could be a hostess in a restaurant, and never be promoted any higher than the lowest position in the place, like I did when I lived in NJ. Hmmm. Hopefully I will be finished with school before I have to think about having a job that's not associated with my school somehow, and then I'll have some broader opportunities. That is what a degree is for, right?


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