Jun. 24th, 2012

Social WTF

Jun. 24th, 2012 11:07 am
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Erica* friended my boyfriend on Facebook. ...WAT THA HELL IS IN HER HEAD?

This is the kind of thing I would post as a status update on a Facebook of my own if I had one. It would get me in a shit ton of trouble because my status would be visible to everyone I know. Some of whom probably like Erica* and some of whom probably do not. The ones who do not would chime in with their own comments about how horrible she is in various terms and then I would have a long list of bad things about Erica* there on my Facebook when all I really intended to do was wonder what in the world she was thinking. Since some people (I think...) actually do like Erica* or at least talk to her about anything gossip-worthy, it would get back to her. Then she would attempt to contact me OR write bad things about me on HER Facebook which would not be visible to me because of course I would not list her as a friend... or would I? OMG THIS IS WHY I HAVE NO FACEBOOK!!!! DOESNT ANYONE ELSE ENJOY THE ANONYMITY OF THE INTERNET???

*Erica - friend who decided to move into my house because she wasn't getting along with her parents (but without asking me first - but I would've offered if I knew she wanted to. Still, this does not bode well for future interactions)

*Erica - friend who while she was living with me stole my pills - the ones that I can have only a limited amount of each month, and without which I will go into withdraw - and then denied it, said I was crazy, and then offered to replace them with something not equivalent

*Erica - the friend who disappeared, leaving all her stuff at my house and thereby leaving me to then deal with her stuff when summer came and it was time for me to rent out that house and go live in the other house

*Erica - the one who told everyone we work with that I hooked up with her ex at her birthday party (I certainly did not. I would have... possibly... but I didn't, due to her ex not initiating any sort of hook up with me, therefor this did not happen although it would have been fine if it did) and then told everyone she had to be nice to me anyway because if she wasn't I would try to kill myself because "Lara has problems like that."

Sometimes... its better to just cut people out of your life, don't you think? Awfully hard to do that when everyone is connected by a social networking site. SO GLAD I do not have a Facebook. You have no idea. And also... seriously, what was she thinking? She and Bevan are not friends, so wtf...


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