Oct. 21st, 2012

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Well... yesterday I did put away my laundry, and I did do some more laundry. I went to the garden store, but I didn't do any gardening. I didn't clean up my girly clutter. I DID to a lot of studying and school work. I didn't cook anything.

Today, I will try my best to do all the garden things that need to be done before it's cold enough to plant bulbs. I also went to the supermarket with the car (so I could get a bunch of stuff) and got a bunch of stuff. Here are the things I will cook:

Wasabi-crusted pan-seared tuna steaks with sauteed asparagus and rice cooked in dashi stock

Hamburgers made with lean ground beef, bacon, shallots, and horseradish cheddar on garlic toast with boston lettuce and tomatoes and roasted potato wedges

Baked pesto chicken with golden potatoes and green beans

Potato gnocchi with alfredo sauce, leftover chicken, and broccoli.

Rice cooked with leftover chicken, lettuce, cucumbers, and ginger-garlic-fish sauce (this is some kind of Chinese food. Jason is teaching me to make this)


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