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"Kate, do you know what time it is?"

(Kate is a server who thinks everyone who isn't a server or is a new server is clearly an idiot.)

"Why? Are you saying I'm late? Why would you ask me that?"

"I don't think you're late. I just wondered if you know what time it is."

*shakes head in disgust* "I don't know what you're talking about."

She started walking away from me and I hollered after her that it's Daylight Savings today, and she stopped dead in her tracks and turned around, blinking, and then said she thinks her boyfriend (who was the opening) must have come to work at eight this morning instead of nine.

Sigh. I don't know why everyone always thinks I'm talking nonsense... I'm usually right... really, I am...

I did know it was daylight savings today, but only because I was playing Rock Band with B and his friends last night and one of them reminded everyone.

So I had forgotten how frustrating living with another person can be. I mentioned I'm messy - right? I am really messy. On purpose. I can be quite neat and clean and orderly if the situation requires, but this is MY house, so if I want to make a mess, well, then I will!

When Erica first arrived she cleaned a lot. She made the third bedroom all nice, it was like all picture perfect room-from-a-magazine-looking and everything, everything had to be just so, and she cleaned the kitchen floor, too, which I thought was kind of funny because the kitchen floor is brand new. It's not dirty yet - whatever. So with another person around I tried to, you know, put the dishes in the cabinets and stuff rather than just leaving them around, clean up my Wawa cups and stuff like that. I've still got piles of clothes in my bedroom - I really should tackle that and put them all away, and I should have done it in my omg-I'm-moving-soon frenzy, but that frenzy died down and my bedroom is still a disaster.

Erica is fucking dirty. Erica uses plates and then instead of rinsing them off she just leaves them on the counter or the table. Not clean plates. Not plates that had like toast on them or something. Dirty plates. Bowls with milk and cereal still in the bottom of them. Cups half full of coffee. Dishes with melted cheese crusted on them. That's gross. It really is. I know I'm messy, but that's a bit much. Besides, it's not MINE, so obviously it bothers me more, right?

And Erica is totally one of those girls who doesn't wash off her makeup at night. She just puts more on the next morning. I knew this before, but I thought maybe she just did that because she was sleeping over, and figured at home she must take it off. I mean, her mascara was all on my pillows and stuff... yeah. Her mascara is still on all the pillows. The new ones. That's... disgusting. All summer I never had tenants who got the sheets and pillowcases so dirty that once in the washer wasn't enough to have them looking clean again. Gross...

Let's see... haha, so, at work I'm kind of a bit of a celebrity, see, cause I lived in Philly, and everyone is hardcore into the Phillies right now, since, you know, they won the WORLD SERIES AND ALL. People have been repeating things I say and saying I've got a Philly accent - I'm not sure about that, really, in fact, people around here sound pretty Philly to me. And I wasn't born in Philadelphia and didn't grow up there, so I know you can't hear your own accent but I highly doubt that, even after years of living there, I really do sound Philly.

And people keep asking me if I'm craving a cheesesteak or a pretzel, which cracks me up cause I never ate either one the whole time I lived there. And yet everyone here is suddenly obsessed with getting a "real" cheesesteak. Whatever, the sandwich shop by my house sells "real" cheesesteaks and "real" sandwiches. The owners (or the owners parents or whatever) are from Philly. It's not that special and it's not that rare, guys! Seriously! You're New Jersey! Get your own identity!

Er, and speaking of... so, now that baseball is over, now it's hockey, and, um, Jersey does have their own hockey team. So now I'm being accused of being a Flyers fan (Flyers are Philadelphia, Devils are New Jersey) so... I mean, hockey is a great sport but seriously, I was never much of a sports fan... I guess I'm the enemy now or something :P

And we have TVs at work, so, even sports and teams I don't give a rat's ass about, if I'm at work, I end up seeing the games anyway. And the Flyers did just beat the Devils, so.... yeah :P

Today at work I tried to take two people to a two person table only to find there was only one chair. That was pretty irritating, and of course they thought somehow this was an indication that I am a moron, and of course I went on a quest then for the missing chair. Where did I find it? Oh, another table (that was down two steps and on the other side of a low wall) had decided to help themselves to it so they could pile their coats and purses on it. They tried to take a chair from another table when they sat down, but I told them they couldn't, that someone was going to sit there, and they were welcome to use the coat hooks that were conveniently located right by their table specifically for them to use and they gave me dirty looks. Sure enough, instead of taking the chair I told them they couldn't take, they actually walked around to the other level and took one of those. Had I known that, I would have made a big show of telling the people that couldn't sit down to eat because they had only one chair "I am so sorry, I have NO IDEA what happened to that other chair, I feel terrible, now you are going to have to WAIT so much LONGER to finally eat your hamburgers, you must be STARVING, I just don't know who would decide to help themselves to a CHAIR just to put their PURSES on!"

Also today at work I got Sima to make me a quesadilla (as opposed to just ordering one the way they're normally made, which is gross). Usually I ask him to do veggies - I've kind of got this myth going that I'm a vegetarian, because I don't really trust what my own workplace serves, just going on what other people have told me - but today it was chicken, bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce, but it wasn't the nasty pre-cooked pre-seasoned chopped chicken they usually use. Sima made it just for me!

And this somehow spurned a depressing conversation about my family. I asked B if he wanted a piece of my quesa and he was like, why would I want your cheese?

I was like, queso is cheese, quesa is this, a quesadilla. Not the same word.

And he was like, eh, sorry, didn't take Spanish in school. And he said he should have, and when I asked him why, he was like, well, it would be pretty useful. And then he kind of grinned and was like, I could talk to your family.

And I was like, who, the Ps? They don't speak Spanish. I guess my Aunt Jen does, but the kids, my cousins don't, and my uncle doesn't.

And he was like, well, maybe your parents, if I ever meet them.

I'm sure B is never going to meet either of my parents. I haven't seen my parents in quite some time, and haven't talked to either of them. They know where I am and what I'm doing - they could contact me if they wanted to. They know I talk to the Ps. They could easily get my phone number from them, if they don't have it already. But they don't.

And I'm not contacting them. I'm not doing it. I feel like I should - they're my family, and I'm lonely, and I miss them. Everyone around here has lived here for their whole lives and their whole family is here and I wish I had that too, but... I'm not contacting them. Forget it.

But I didn't say all that. I just said both my parents speak English.


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