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I have two. The first one is that the plot didn't make sense. Impenetrable forcefield that was penetrated by a crashed ship, can only be controlled from inside the prison, the Daleks think the only solution is to go to the Doctor for help?

Thing is, tho, that I could over look that bad plotting if the rest of it was good. But I have one more major issue, and that's Amy and Rory. I just don't buy that. Not for a minute. They were SO CLOSE and had been through SO MUCH, I really do not buy that she could decide she's breaking up with him and never tell him why. It just makes no sense. I believe they could break up, I believe that whatever they have might not last forever, but not over that. I even believe that some couples might break up over not being able to have children, but not them, and WHO DOES THAT? Who leaves someone without saying why? Someone they love so much?

Moffat's stories in the first few seasons were always my favorite. I just feel like he doesn't do that good of a job with bigger stories.
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