Oct. 30th, 2008 11:44 pm
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On the 29th of October, 2008, the Phillies won the World Series. I was so caught up in the game that I cried tears of joy.

Yes, I really did.

I am so fucking over-emotional it's disgusting.

But if there were ever any doubts in my mind, it is now inarguable - I'm in love. With all of them. The whole team. I love them all.


Oct. 14th, 2008 01:13 am
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So... well, we'll start with the good news: Phillies won! Very stressful game, too! I was on the edge of my seat, too, I mean, seriously, way to recover AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE.

I listened to the game on the internet. At home. Not at a bar. Not with B or any friends.

You wanna know how my "date" went?

Apparently I'm doing it wrong.

Thursday is my day off (always) and Erica is driving me to AC so I can get on a train to Philly. Getting picked up by Krissy - my ex - but this is not how it sounds. We're hanging out with our mutual friend D, the one who was shot last year and also has a SCI, like me, only his is a higher level. I was supposed to go to this party he was having a few months ago, but I couldn't make the transportation work, so I had to bail. I'm going to Philly to see him, because he specifically said he wanted to see me.

I've never wished for "back in the day" more than I am right now. I miss my house in North Philly. I miss how I could hear the train going by - I thought it was so cool to hear the train and I never got sick of it, ever! I miss sitting out on D's front porch with Daniel and Jay and everyone else, just shooting the shit all night. I was always "blah blah blah Winnie" or later, "blah blah blah Krissy" and that's how it's supposed to be. I get hung up on girls. GIRLS. Every time.

I'm NOT one of those girls who was confused and was going through a "phase." This is part of WHO I AM. It's not going to change.

Besides, apparently I'm doing it wrong anyway.
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So, baseball - this is called postseason, and it's leading up to the world series. "My" team is the Phillies - New Jersey does not have a baseball team of their own. I sometimes don't realize that not every city out there has a sports team for every major sport there is, but Philadelphia does. And Philly kind of has a reputation for having really good sports teams that always manage to fuck it up at the last minute.

I mentioned I saw the game Thursday night at a bar. It was a very high-energy game - baseball can be very boring to watch but I am starting to get into it, like I said. And the game was great, there was a grand slam and everything. I think I'm starting to see baseball like one of my TV shows or something, weird, eh?

Anyway, I worked on Friday night, all night, and went home and sat around online and stuff. Saturday I worked all day and all night as well, but Saturday night I was doing take-out instead of being a hostess.

Doing take-out is kind of fun because it's something different to do for a change. Also, I don't have to stay in the lobby, I stay by the bar, and Saturday night is always Bevan's bar shift. If I'm not answering the phone or busy ringing people up or something, he always lets me make drinks and wash the glasses if I want to. It's kind of cool. So, Erica and Hanna came to the restaurant and sat at the bar to watch the Phillies game, just like she said she would, and I was kinda surprised by that. I was pretty much expecting her to bail on us.

So working was a little like hanging out, because everyone at work was watching the game too. When the game ended (and the game was awful, Phillies lost miserably, and it was a very boring and low-energy game) the restaurant pretty much cleared out, and since Bevan was the first bartender in, he got to leave first, and the four of us left together.

And I really should have expected this, since it was Saturday night and all. )

Yeah, go me. I am THE WORST friend ever. And that I-wish-I-was-a-dominatrix girl I mentioned that I used to live with? Yeah, I was a shit friend to her too.
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So me and Erica and Bevan and Hanna watched the baseball game at a bar last night, and are fully intending to watch the next one tomorrow.

Oh no wait actually, I am fully expecting Erica to be in Philly for the weekend even though she made plans with us to watch the game here. Cause she does stuff like that.

And, lol, I say "the baseball game" like it's the only one. The Phillies game, guys. That's what I watched. On TV, at a bar. Phillies won. I'll spare you all the details, cause I know if you care, you would have seen it too.

I never, ever gave a rat's ass about sports, but I am actually starting to get into baseball. I'd go to another game. I'd go to a game after dark, that is. Not in the middle of the day in the blazing hot sun, thanks.

So I'm kinda worried about my hair - this wedding is coming up, you know, mine and B's "date," and I have THE SHOES and I'm working on a nice dress outfit, and my hair is cupcake pink and I love it being cupcake pink but I don't think I want to be "that girl that B brought with the pink hair." It's just so... pink... I was thinking of re-dyeing it a darker, deeper pink, without bleaching my roots, so that'll make it darker towards the top... I don't know. I'm being a little obsessive about my hair and about getting dressed up, I think. But whatever, I do things like that.

Anyway. [ profile] illiorsfool did this and I wanted to do it too!

You know you grew up in the 90s )
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Honestly, I feel like the biggest loser when it comes to grocery shopping. It's the one thing I dread doing every week - and yet, if I don't do it, I have no food! First off, there is no longer public transportation in town, so if I wanted to actually go to the grocery store I would have to drive (and I have no insurance so that would be illegal, and knowing me, I would get caught, OR my car would fall apart, OR both). I guess I'm going back to getting my groceries delivered, but I really wish it just wasn't such a hassle to go to the store myself!

I miss living in Philly. I really, really do. Yes, I miss my friends, but even when I lived alone, I still miss that. If I needed something, all I had to do was walk a few blocks to a market or corner store or whatever. I never had to contend with a supermarket. The issue just never came up - I know when I had room mates they went to the supermarket. Sometimes I went along, but I was with them, so it wasn't the same thing.

So I asked Erica today if she would mind maybe possibly driving me to the grocery store - I pretty much told her that if she wants to live here she's stuck driving me around, but the grocery store is different, because it's not like she can just drop me off like she's taking me to work or something, and I really did feel bad for asking, but she said it was fine and that she should really go too so that she doesn't eat all my food (what she really meant, I'm sure, is that I don't have any food for her to eat...)

And it really wasn't a big deal, but )

PS. Dear Jason Werth,

My but that is a strange ass-beard you have growing there.

Your friend,


PPS. No, I still haven't gotten over the hyphen switching :P
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I have made it my mission to attend and enjoy a baseball game sometime this year.

Right. So. Remember my entry about the Phillies game and the rain delay and the crazy fan who did a slip and slide on the tarp and then ran into the tube? Yep. Finally on youtube. I knew youtube'd come through for me! As far as I recall, though, he was wearing pants...

I still maintain the opinion, though, that had he not dove into that tube, he could have escaped security.

Damnit, now I wanna play on a giant slip-and-slide!

And speaking of shit that sounds made up... )

I'm not so much mad at Erica because she didn't show up tonight as just puzzled. She never turns off her phone so I hope she didn't like fall into the Bermuda Triangle Part Two or something. I'm kind of inclined to think she was hooking up with someone, but I have no idea how true that might be.

I guess I should go to bed now. Growing girls need their sleep, you know.

I'm so not going to bed.
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I am making a shoofly pie at some point this week. That is decided. Nobody around here seems to know what one is. I called my Aunt Jen. She, of course, knows what a shoofly pie is, cause whenever my family would visit her family we would bring Dutchy stuff like that cause it's good and it's like a novelty to them.

She... said it was ok if I wanted to come over and use her kitchen(!!) if I wanted to and she would come pick me up on Monday and I could have dinner with her and my uncle and my one remaining local cousin (the one who pretended he didn't know me in the coffee shop...)! Imagine that! (I don't have an oven, btw. There is an oven in my upstairs but not down here, and upstairs is rented by the same people for the next three weeks, so I can't go use that oven, even though, you know, it's MINE...)

So... I guess I'm starting to win them over, those Ps. I guess maybe they are starting to believe that I'm not a drug addict who's going to steal their money and jewelry for my next fix and I'm not going to turn up at their house at four am looking for a place to crash and etc. I'd be pissed about the whole thing except for I like them and I miss them, and it's not really their fault or mine so... yeah. Havin' din din with the Ps on Monday and I'm makin' the pie.

I really want to be able to make a voice post. After I fixated a bit on eating a shoofly pie I then began to fixate on making weekly voice posts. I think it's so cool to hear other people I read regularly, and I'd like to do it too. So now I'm debating on whether or not I want to suffer the ads or give up the dollars for a paid account. Dunno yet.

I've been invited to another Phillies game (that's baseball, if you're not from these parts.) A lot of people must have season passes or something, because there are always extra tickets going around with no takers. I would kinda like to go, but I had such a shitty time at the last one. I'm debating on whether or not I should just not go at all (but I want to!) or just assume that the last one I went to was just at a bad time, I was too tired to enjoy it, the weather didn't help at all, and the walk was just way to long, and if I'm just a little more rested and a little more careful, I will enjoy this one.

I'm thinking I could say, "I'm only going to go if we park not only closer to the stadium but also we must park on the same side of the stadium that our seats are!" Although I know the reason for parking far away is so we can tailgate, which is apparently half the fun (I hate tailgating. I do not want to drink in the hot sun, it makes me sick to my stomach. But I'd be perfectly content to just hang around without drinking) But maybe when we're ready to go inside we could pack up and drive closer? Maybe? I do have a parking thingy. ALL the handicap spaces shouldn't be taken, right? They're never ALL taken, are they?

Or I could just suck it up, it really shouldn't be that bad. I don't think it was the walk last time that was really the problem, I can walk pretty far and pretty long provided I'm not already completely exhausted. I think the whole problem was the sun and the heat, really. And mile-long walk through the parking lot and stadium or no, I'd still be sitting out in the heat and the sun watching the game. Blegh. Extreme heat OR extreme cold and I do not get along very well and I HATE being a pain in the ass. I need to live somewhere with perfect temperatures, like the Bay Area in California or something.

I'll put that on my to-do list. Right after FIND ANOTHER JOB.
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Well, let's see. So, this was a holiday weekend (July 4th, Independence Day, if you're not American and don't immediately know which holiday I mean) and it's the busiest weekend of the whole year here at the shore. Of course I had to work. I worked at the Coffee Co on Friday morning and then worked lunch and dinner at the restaurant. So no, I didn't see any fireworks - I could easily see the Atlantic City fireworks from my house, or from the beach behind my house. But I wasn't there, I was at work, bored out of my mind, cause who eats in a restaurant on a picnic holiday?

And then Saturday I also worked at the Coffee Co, even though Saturday is not my day. It was the store in town, too - I guess some of those employees needed off for the holiday or something, and so I filled in. Thanks, of course I don't celebrate holidays or anything, geez, Renee. But Saturday night, oh, I let another host take the last part of my shift cause I had some TV to watch. Go me :P

Ah, wait, this was supposed to be stuff that ISNT Doctor Who.

On Friday Bevan asked me if I would like to go to a baseball game with him because he had an extra ticket. Now, I've said pretty many times I really don't care about sports. I don't hate sports, I'm not into sports, I simply don't care one way or the other about them. But watching live sports can be really fun, especially in Philly, because the fans are all insane. Completely and totally insane. I can say stuff like that because I'm not from Philadelphia.

But, Lara, you are in New Jersey.

Yeah well, if you don't know my area of the world very well, here's the thing about New Jersey: it sucks. North Jersey wishes they were New York, and South Jersey wishes they were Philadelphia. New Jersey doesn't have its own baseball team, either, so, it seems everyone around here is hard-core into the Phillies. The Phillies played the Mets this weekend. (The Phillies are the Philadelphia team, the Mets are the New York team, and the fans are huge rivals, see?)

So you can see, possibly, how the idea of attending this game might appeal to me, right? )


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