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OMG READ THIS if Rose/Nine smut is your thing. If alien sex gets you off. If you want to know what kind of fic I like to read :P

Sigh... I might have to orchestrate a little season one re-watch... yeah, I can feel it calling me now...
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[livejournal.com profile] tenfeethigh found it and dubbed it THE BEST FANVID EVAR

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In MY post-4x13 fanfic (that I'm certainly not writing, lol)

I'd have the Doctor going batshit insane and taking Rose with him.  )

Tell me you'd rather read THAT than the same exact Bad Wolf Bay scene over and over again with slightly different dialogue/
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What of it?


Spoiling you, I will do it )

So I'll have to make do with the Christmas specials and then the mini... movies, or whatever... and Torchwood until 2010. What is going to happen to the poor fandom? What is going to happen to meeeeeee?

Maybe the next season of Heroes will be really good, or something....

I'm kind of attempting a re-watch of Supernatural. I tried to get Erica into it, she didn't really pay much attention to it, and I really haven't watched the first season in a very long time and was kind of shocked by how different it is from the rest of the show. And how forced some of the acting was, especially in the first half of the season.

Meh. I'm sure I'll find something to watch.
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I was really hesitant to respond to the post about "Turn Left" because I know that it basically doesn't count when a white person says "but that isn't racist!"

I'm not even going to touch on the fact that my actual white-ness is debatable - I don't go around saying OMG I'M WHITE and I am not white as in anglo-saxon, but I'm not going to deny that I enjoy white privilege, and on The Internet apparently if you don't identify yourself otherwise you must be white anyway.

I get that my growing up not even thinking about race is part of white privilege.

I grew up in a town where everyone was white. When I moved to Philly, I did start thinking about race.

Then I moved here. And somewhere along the line, I stopped thinking about race again.

And I guess I can't get too defensive about a "here little white girl, let me teach you what racism really is."

But I can still say I don't agree, that "Turn Left" wasn't racist.

Racist is the police pulling over the black guy driving through a white suburb because he "appeared suspicious."

Racist is the cashier in the supermarket asking the Korean guy if he understands English when he hands her his coupons.

Racist is assuming that black people are good dancers, Asians are good at math and music, and Native Americans are drinkers and gamblers.

Racist is walking up to an Asian person and saying "ching chong ching chong chang, omg, did that mean anything in your language?"

Racist is the waitress deciding the Indian family isn't going to tip her.

Racist is even the subway attendant asking the white girl if she's lost (in Philly, anyway.)

Racist simply is not a TV show set on another planet that has a Chinatown-like bazaar where the baddie is an alien fortune teller trying to disturb the timelines and working with some type of beetle that attaches to it's victim's back. It just isn't.

That said, I still haven't thought about race in quite some time. Combine that with the fact that I went from being eighteen and thinking I was so enlightened and free thinking and going to a BDSM club where everyone is recognized and respected as an individual and there was a great emphasis on not objectifying women or men, and building trust-based relationships (not necessarily romantic ones) in order to safely play at, oh, sexual role playing games, I guess you'd call them... I went from that to being twenty four, going to bars and drinking beer and engaging in raunchy and decidedly UNENLIGHTENED conversation and going to strip clubs and drooling on women and waving dollars at them. (Ok, just one strip club. But it still happened.)

I've become disgustingly self-centered, is what it comes down to. I always have been, but I wish I could figure out when it got this bad.


Jul. 3rd, 2008 03:28 pm
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Well, I did it.

Now I'm kinda cowering in fear that someone is going to scream "racist" at me.

There's been several wank posts at [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho about the "Turn Left" episode of Doctor Who being racist against the Chinese and Asian cultures in general. I'm totally not seeing it. Granted, I'm not Chinese or any type of Asian, so it's not like I can say, well, it didn't offend me so it can't offend you...

I'm not exactly the most politically correct person out there; I'm the first to admit it. But striving to be "politically correct" is not what motivates my words and actions - if I think something is wrong, I don't do or say it. If I think it's okay, then I don't hold back. Sometimes I do offend people. It happens. Is the stuff I said about Chinatowns racist, or just observant?

I certainly don't want to be the white girl who says "well but see I have Asian friends so I'm not racist, it's okay."

Asian friends? Not around here, lol. Everyone is white around here. I'm the fucking minority - apparently I look hispanic, cause Spanish speaking people (like the tourists in the coffee shop the other day) are always approaching me to speak Spanish to me. I'm, oh, a whopping ONE QUARTER Mexican and you know what we spoke in my house growing up? English. My mom doesn't speak Spanish and god forbid we speak a language she can't understand, nevermind she does it all the time, lol.

Then I got to thinking about stuff that does offend me - I get super offended at any kind of anti-gay stuff. I hate people who say, "oh, I have a gay friend, so I'm not being a bigot at all, it's just that I would never want to risk them influencing my children, blah blah blah." Ok, that kind of thing will make me fly off the handle, or at least storm out of the room.

I get incredibly irritated when STRANGERS ask me what's wrong with me or what happened to me (I use crutches) but I seriously don't care when people make short bus jokes. In fact, I really get a big kick out of shutting them down by saying, "hey, don't knock the short bus!" Then they look at me, realize, omg, I just made a disabled joke in front of a disabled person, and cackle while they squirm. I don't get nasty or storm off all offended. Should I?

Bigger question is, why am I even asking what should and shouldn't offend me?

Should I be offended that my favorite TV show has offended a few (maybe a lot) of it's viewers by... I'm still not exactly sure what... inaccurate Chinese characters on the banners on Chinaplanet? Having an Asian bad guy? Having the bad guy be a fortune teller who, since she's the bad guy and all, is evil?

I'm waiting for some kind of scathing response to descend upon my inbox, leading me to turn bright red and feel embarrassed. But I still think I'm right. The episode wasn't racist.
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No, of course I did not make this :P
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Seriously. They did say "the dark lord."

Come on. I'm not the only one who thought that, right?


This is mostly just a squee/thoughts list. I don't like to do the whole review things on TBC episodes. But I'll cut for the spoilers... ain't I nice? )

And that's about it - like I said, I reserve ACTUAL judgement for next week :)
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Midnight )

Turn Left )

The Incredible Hulk )

I have a plant now. It's in my living room window and it's named Romana. Cause I decided to name it, and it seems people tend to name their plants Fred, and the Doctor named Romana Fred, so I thought therefor Romana is a good name for a plant :P

Well Well

Jun. 1st, 2008 09:18 pm
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Well well, if it isn't Little Miss Lara home from a weekend of loser-dom?

Whatever, obviously I am not a loser if I've had such an exciting weekend.

If I annoy Jury, whatever. She doesn't have to hang out with me. If Bevan wants to ditch me because I annoy his girlfriend, whatever. Nothing lasts for long.

Friday night I worked late and came home and started watching my downloads of "The Dresden Files" and I'm thinking I like the books better, but we'll see.

It rained yesterday, so laying out in the sun with Erica was pretty much out of the question. I stayed home and watched some more Dresden Files. Bevan called to see if I wanted to come over and play rock band and I said no thanks, god forbid I annoy Jury or anything. Erica didn't actually call me anyway, but that's fine because it was raining anyway. Saturday night I did take out at the restaurant and made about an extra thirty bucks from people tipping on take out, which is always good. I then spent that money on buying shots for one of my co-workers who is joining the army. Meaning yeah, I did go to a bar after work, after I said I wasn't doing that anymore.

Today it was nice out and Erica did call and did ask me to come over and lay out with her, but I managed to talk her into coming over here instead, and on her way to the island she stopped at the liquor store and picked up sangria, and we sat on the porch and drank that.

So, yeah. I was being sarcastic about loser-dom but really, I don't have all that much to say tonight, not about myself, anyway. Very exciting. I work, and I drink, and that's about it for me.

I did watch my Doctor Who download, and again, I'm reserving judgement for when I get to see the second part. It seems really promising. I have a ton of speculations about Dr. River Song, of course. But it took me a while to realize I've already seen her on ER :P

That's it for now.
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Let's start with the Wasp and the Unicorn:

1. Love, so love all on the costuming. I love period episodes.

2. Ok so Donna said something along the lines of "all the good men are gay" and then the Doctor said "all Timelords" or "or Timelords." So... that means what, exactly?

3. So are we deliberately playing "reference other eps" this season? Is it all going to add up to something in the finale, perhaps, kind of like the bad wolf references? Charles Dickens and the ghosts at Christmas, obviously, but then there's also the "hey, flyboy" comment Donna made.

4. The bit about how the wasp let Agatha go at the very end seemed incredibly tacked on. Sloppy writing! I would have been fine with it just drowning, honestly. We didn't need to wonder for a second if Agatha would be okay.

5. The Unicorn was hot. I'd slash her with Martha. And, I want her hairdo.

Other than watching Doctor Who, today I got my shift covered at the last minute and decided I was going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit before it ended.

And what a freakin' day it was. )

I'm really, really glad I decided to go. I'd be kicking myself forever if I bailed out on this one.
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Well, I have now returned to my own house. Meaning I slept elsewhere last night :P

At one point I was practically a professional couch hopper, but it's been a while since I decided that I was getting too old for that shit. But this is different, I promise :P

Work has been really busy these last few days. Business is really starting to pick up around here, all at once, it looks like. Which is great. The busier the restaurant, the more money I make in tip-share. So basically it's like getting a raise, and, besides that, I get to work longer shifts. And the boardwalk store is opening next week, and so I'll be done with this stupid 5am-7am crap and be back to my regular 5am-11am, or some semblance of that.

So, my weekend has been crazy-busy )

So... me and Bevan had a sleep over :P

And so I downloaded Doctor Who and watched it, and, hmmmm.

Skip the personal shit and go right to the good stuff )

Doctor Who

Apr. 29th, 2008 09:49 pm
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I am reserving judgement on the most recent episode of Doctor Who until I see the second part.

That is all.


I also have a gigantic zit on my chin. THIS IS NOT COOL.

I never got pimples as a teenager... what the hell do I do? How do I get them to go away? One, on occasion, ok, what ever, it happens. BUT TWO?

Yeah now you know my other secret: I AM REALLY FREAKIN VAIN.
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So I went and sat on the edge of the beach today and drew for a few hours, it was really nice. Even though it was warm and sunny outside it was still pretty cool, especially closer to the water like I was, so eventually I got cold and went home.

When I got back my download was finished and I got to watch the Pompeii episode!

I'm not going to review the whole thing, or spoil anyone, but I was thoroughly impressed. Season three started off with me being seriously skeptical. Season four is doing just peachy, as far as I'm concerned.

So now I'm hardcore obsessing about paint. My kitchen floor is black and beige tiles. Big beige ones and small black ones. They have like a stone-ish texture. Same kind of thing on the wall above the counters. I wanted shiny black and white tiles so I could do it all nineteen fifties-ish, which would have been fab, but, really, white tiles? Shiny white tiles? So, what, I'll have to scrub them with bleach to keep them white, and rub them with mop and glo to keep them shiny? Yeah I think maybe not. If this was my house, that I was going to be living in, then yeah, maybe. For renters? No way. Carpet (eventually) is gonna be a beige-taupe kinda color. Like dirt. So it doesn't show dirt. And it's going to be the burbur kind of carpet, so it doesn't get all visibly worn and stuff.

So I have been debating about what colors I want the rooms. I've had it in my head that I want the living room to be a sort of pale baby blue color, lighter and more pastel than the outside of the house, which is a sort of blue-slate color. I also had this idea that I wanted my shutters to be maroon instead of white, but I'm not even going to go there. They're white and I'm not touching them and that's that. So the living room and the "dining room" share a wall, and the "dining room" shares a wall with the kitchen. Long ago I wanted the kitchen to be like sea foam green, to go with the black and white tiles, but of course that is not the case. So, I guess it should be blue to match the rest of the front half of the house. Except, I don't want it to be blue. But, I don't want it to clash either. I was thinking maybe a darker blue (and this is just a very little bit of wall we're talking here, so I don't know why it being blue is bugging me so much) or maybe even light grey - I don't know.

The bathroom really is going to be sea foam green, cause that's a great color. Maybe the kitchen should match the hallway? Cause I don't want the hallway to be blue like the living room/dining room either... I want the biggest bedroom to be peach walls with green accents. The smallest bedroom can be yellow walls with like cream and pink. I dunno about the middle room - I already did blue and green and yellow and peach, what does that really leave? I can't do purple, I hate purple walls. Maybe the kitchen and the hallway walls should be beige-sand colored, and the middle bedroom should be slate blue like the outside of the house - I have white curtains for that room, that would probably be nice. I'm not sure. It has to look really fab, though, because people are (ideally) gonna pay big money to stay here.

John said he'd go with me to get all the paint sometime this week - he's a waiter at the restaurant, and he's always asking me if I need stuff done around my house, and totally jumped on my "omg paint for me!!" sign. Apparently people always ask him to help them out but no one ever offers to pay, they think it should just be a favor from a friend. Well, friend or no, if someone does something you'd pay anyone else to do, well, you should pay them. Anyway, he's painted lots of houses, so hopefully he can be a good judge of how much paint too get.

He said he might bring Ruth along, if that's okay with me, because he said "she likes that kind of shit" I guess meaning decorating. I know Ruth owns a house on the island too. Maybe it would be good to have her advice, I should probably take her up on that.

I always feel kinda awkward around those two. One, they're both in their thirties, and they pretty much act like teenagers, as far as I've seen. That and, they're both obviously screwing each other, and Ruth is married to some other dude. So that's just kinda odd. But whatever.

Oh PS. I paid my taxes. Yes, I really did. I didn't spend all the money I have on stupid shit and have none left over for taxes. I seem to recall something about my mother insisting I was going to do that. Well, so there, mom. I didn't.
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Well it's true? What's true? Am I going to spoil you for something who-related?

No, it's true, the contractors really could replace all the windows in one day. I really never heard of such a thing before. But it's true.

So I was watching the little bar downloading Torchwood and someone knocked on my door? This was after the windows were finished - they started at like six this morning, and by four in the afternoon they were gone and everything was cleaned up and everything - so there was no reason for anyone to be coming in and out of my house, and I was trying out those hot patch things from the store, which do feel really good but did not actually help much -

So I got a visitor. This girl Ruth from work brought me banana bread? I was like 0.o how did you know where I live? She said J told her. And how did J know that I wasn't coming to work tonight because I feel like utter shit? B told him. Ok. So, I am Ruth's charity project. That's fine, I like banana bread, but... weird.

Actually I'm not being fair. She came in and admired my house - she was not like, ew, this is disgusting, she was like, wow, you're in the middle of remodeling everything, I love your kitchen, blah blah blah. And she gave me the phone number for a clinic in AC that she recommends - it's not like the restaurant offers fabulous insurance and I got the impression that Ruth has used public assistance before as well. She was very nice. That was nice that she came over and brought me bread and admired my kitchen.

But really I just wanted her to leave so I could check on my download and

Now I spoil you for Torchwood AND Doctor Who! WATCH OUT!! )


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